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This is a fantastic site. Iam from a hindu background but follow sikhism.Harminder Sahib is truly heaven on earth.Thankyou god for giving us Our Guru's. Thankyou god for Guru Nanak.
19 May 2005 - London. Greenford

Jas Kaur
Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki vateh.

Very impressive site! A world of sikhism for all!!!
11 May 2005 - Kent, UK

Pammi K
Hi, i just wanted to say it is a great site.I recently just got back from visiting India and if you have never been you should go and experience the warmth and love you get soon as you step in Harminder Sahib.
10 May 2005 - UK

I would like to thank you for making a site which is very coupious and and easy to follow. I start my day listening to the Hukamnama, which enlightens my day. I was wondering if it was possible to have a video along with the Hukamnama. Thank you again.
4 May 2005 - New York

Response from Amritsar Admin:   Dear Vandana, Thank you for your kind comments. We too would like to show live video of Sri Harmandir Sahib and the reading of the Hukamnama. As soon as it is possible for us to secure the transmission, we will put this on Amritsar Portal for the whole world to see.

hi there
i am really glad to find this site because i always want to hear some kirtans and shabads and know more about my culture i was searching some kirtans and shabads and finally i came to this site . And i am very happy to know more about my culture . And the most happiest thing is that my parents really enjoy visting this site and hear the shabads.
30 April 2005 - Hong kong

kuldeep kaur dilawari
sat shri akal, to all my family... this time i am in canada...i am very glad to see this site..because it will tell us about our religion...our culture...whenever i feel alone here...i listen feel like i am in my home country..listening kirtan is like i am sitting in gurudwara with my mother.
29 April 2005 - canada

Harwinder Singh
This website has thought me alot about the Gurus and the importance of being a Sikh. I listened to the shabads and tears were forming in my eyes. I would suggest more shabads be put up. Thank You for this website.
28 April 2005 - Singapore

i love amritsar. i really miss it. looking forward to come here and visit it someday with gru jis grace. shout to all my friends graduates of st francis high school class of 2004 love u guys
24 April 2005 - usa

Harinderjit Kaur
I am greatly impressed by the Harminder Sahib.
I daily hear the live kirtan on ETC punjabi.
21 April 2005 - India

harpreet singh
hi mein harpreet singh amritsar ton haan but right now i am living in melbourne.i love amritsar because amritsar is best and amritsar vargi rees nahi hai
20 April 2005 - melbourne

narinder kaur dhahan
love everybody and god will love you.
19 April 2005 - canada

harpreet singh

SGPC aage benti hai ki Sri Harmandir Sahib ton live Video telecast internet te karvan da uprala kitta jaye tan jo sade vir jo ki pardesan vich bethe ne aapni hazri sachkand vich lagva sakan.
baki audio telecast vi bahot support karda hai.ghato ghat ardas vich taan baba ji hazri lagvande haan.

14 April 2005

harpreet singh
this website has given me much more i need while living abroad.this website took me direct to Sri Harmandir Sahib,amritsar.whatelse you kirtan,paths,ardas.may this site live long
13 April 2005

waheguru ji ka khalsa ,waheguru ji ki fateh .
liked this site very much it has everything about sikhism , meri sare bhen bharavan agee hatth jod ke benti aa ke sikhi nu hamesha hi kayam rakho ,apne kess rakho ,gurus have given us a distinct character to us by which we can be recognized among lakhs of people around us so always keep our sikhism alive , appa hor kuch te nehi je kar sakde tan ghato ghat guru de banne nu te paa sakde haan so dont shorn ur hairs .with lots of love to all the sikh community around the world on this baisakhi
11 April 2005 - chandigarh ,india

Awtar Singh Madan
Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

It is really very nice to have live kirtan from the Holiest Shrines of the World, Siri Darbar Sahib! Feels like I am there & its so devotional which I can't explian. Its really good work & hope we have a VDO of the programm soon.
27 March 2005 - Canada

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