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Michelle Sandhu
We are going to the Golden Temple in March 2005, and we were very happy to find your site! We are looking forward to meeting all there:)
27 January 2005 - Calif., U.S.A.

Response from Amritsar Admin:   Hi Michelle. We would love to meet you as well but contrary to popular belief we are not based in the Golden City but many miles away in the UK! We hope that you have a wonderful stay in Amritsar and at least we can meet in spirit, if not in person.

skar Helgi Helgason
Mjg g sa ! (Very fine site !)
25 January 2005 - sland - Iceland

Response from Amritsar Admin:   akka .(Thank you!)

Divender, Amritsar Portal admin

inderpal singh lochab
visited your web page very impressed,and was glad to see it keep up the good work
22 January 2005 - london uk

I am very happy to see and read the message of daily hukamnama by installing the fonts provided in your site. Great thanks
21 January 2005 - india

Saman Randhawa
hi everyone. i just wanna say that this website is really great. my grandmother and i listen to live kirtan almost everyday. thanks to everyone who helped with this website. it is the greatest web site out there.
20 January 2005 - Canada

gursewak singh
your web site very good i born in canada inever come to amritsar and but i want to come to amritsar i want to see darbar sahib because i am amritdhari singh iam 11 years old
17 January 2005 - toronto canada

Tirath Singh
Happy new year to all. if any one apply to or coming canada and need any help in toronto [canada] area because have no friend or relatve in canada we are welling to do so with grace[kirpa] of waheguru please call at416 670 6499
31 December 2004 - toronto canada

Jasmine Kaur
New yr diyaan sab nu bohat bohat vadayiaan.Eh nava saal sade sariya punjabiyaan liye bohat khusiyaan bhariya chrhe.
31 December 2004 - Australia - Sydney

Baldiv Singh Aujla
Sat-Sri-Akal to everyone, and wish Waheguru-ji would bless you with eternal Happiness, Health, and an Enriching New Year!
Thank you,
31 December 2004 - Singapore

Ajit Singh
HI, im ajit singh, First of all Happy New Year to all Guru ki pyari sat sangat jio. I m opening this site first time & really i m very impress to know about the sikhism. Wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh. Thanks
28 December 2004 - New Delhi

Thanks to your Daily Hukumnama from Amritsar Shri Darbar Sahib, i am very thankful to you through you i am able to read the Daily Hukumnama from Shri Darbar Sahib.
27 December 2004 - DELHI (INDIA)

Janam Singh
Thudi site bhot he changi bani hoi aa. Mai Guru Nank dev ji dai Janam Astan Sri Nankana sahib vikhay ardaas karu ga sahib ji aap ji nu hor sewa karan da udham bakshan g.Dass nai ve satguru g de kirpa naal ik mission suru keta hoeaa hai GURU NANAK ROOHANI MISSION. jis da aim hai. sikh youths nu naam simarn val lanaa.

Bhul chuk de khima

Janam Singh
18 December 2004 - Sri Nankana Sahib, Pakistan

Lots of information. Very useful. Must see site anyone visiting Amritsar.
16 December 2004 - London UK

Ajit Singh Khattra
Sat Shree Akaal to all my sikh brothers and sisters.
This website is very good. I listen KEERTAN from Shree Darbaar Sahib, Amritsar, everyday.I feel like I am in Shri Darbaar Sahib.I feel freshness all the day.
15 December 2004 - Toronto (Canada)

This is a great website, I listen to Shabads every day at work. Just wanted to know the name of the cd for Bhagat Kabir?
14 December 2004 - USA

Response from Amritsar Admin:   Dear Sanju, I am glad you like the shabads. The shabads of Bhagat Kabir and Sheikh Farid are from an old, very old vinyl LP!. We had to use a record player to digitise these into MP3 files. There is no CD and we suspect we may have one of the few remaining recordings of these wonderful shabad

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