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Message started by Punjabi on 25. Nov 2004 at 06:13

Title: How many Punjabi Castes???
Post by Punjabi on 25. Nov 2004 at 06:13

I'd like to know how many Punjabi Castes are there in this world? Also, would really appreciate if someone tells me the names of these castes.

With due respect.


Title: Re: How many Punjabi Castes???
Post by Swaranjitkaur on 07. Dec 2004 at 08:48

In sikhi there is no caste. Once u take Amrit and become a Khalsa, that is your caste. So to me there is only one caste and that is the Khalsa!

Title: Re: How many Punjabi Castes???
Post by musafir on 21. Jul 2005 at 23:50

I agree with you, so what if there is Ramghariya, Jatt, Bhatra or any other sikh castes, they DO NOT EXISTS.

For example-any kind of person has langar from a gurdwara, whether is is a christian, muslim, hindu, or any other religion. This helps to break all the castes in the commuinity.

Do you agree?

Title: Re: How many Punjabi Castes???
Post by musafir on 21. Jul 2005 at 23:53

Once a Sikh is baptised/takes amrit, he/she becomes Guru Gobind Singh's khalsa, meaning  A TRUE SIKH.

Title: Re: How many Punjabi Castes???
Post by Singh on 19. Oct 2005 at 23:13

Sat Shri Akal to all
This will be the idealistic extreme to say that castes do not exist in Sikhism. Though Sikhism was founded to abolish the mess of caste system, but incidents like Tulhan and many many more defies the basic foundation. Everytime I read stories like newly wedded couple killed by their own parents.....reason......the marriage was an intercaste one, then what if both the faqmilies were sikh. The "Sikh" has been shadowed by "Jatt", "Bhape", "Ramgharias", "Khatris"..... and many more.......
If things are not amended in time then certainly we can't teach our next generations the basic prinsiple of Sikhism...................................


Title: Re: How many Punjabi Castes???
Post by Harpreet singh on 20. Oct 2005 at 20:26

To count number of castes in Sikhism you need to go to matrimonial sites.... and start writing them.

I have seen adds like Beautiful JAT sikh girl ..... looking for JAT sikh boys.

So if you volunteer for this i think you will be the first person to give us actual stats of number of castes amongst SIKHS. It is very easy to get matrimonial sites on google etc.

Shame on such Sikhs.. i believe if u r JAT/Ramgharia etc you are not a Sikh. So either be a Sikh or Non Sikh.

Title: Re: How many Punjabi Castes???
Post by Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar on 28. Oct 2005 at 07:54

These are countless.  There are many

Title: Re: How many Punjabi Castes???
Post by Mr. G.Singh(Guest) on 14. Feb 2006 at 00:21

living in the 22nd century is gonna be an obvious difference to when it all started, as people have been grown up to attempt to follow our ancestors and carry on with the same family ties and traditions. yet more and more people are realising that it cannot be done, this is why we have so many differences in views of the caste system. you have one extreme where people don't care which is how sikhs should be and everyone should be united as one like Guru Nanak Dev Ji intended!!! or arrogant, simple minded people that still hold the hindu views of the caste system to the full extent and still claim themselves as Sikh! you people are confused!!!!!!!!!

You'd think in a modern country (western) this would have less importance but it's coming to a stage where today's generation are backward integrating. The reason why this question has arisen is due to the dramatic increase of the awareness which our  generation is dragging along with.

I'm a practicing Sikh so therefore i have faith within the intial reason of why the religion was formed, and that was for EQUALITY FOR ALL GENDER, CASTE, RACE AND CLASS!

Title: Re: How many Punjabi Castes???
Post by Parminder on 27. Apr 2006 at 06:52

"Caste" being an english term carries a different meaning than "jaat" in Punjabi.  Clearly, there are many jaats in Sikh dharma, but there are no "castes".  What we often see in matrimonial ads as "caste no bar" or "Jat Sikh beautiful girl", really does not mean or imply any separation from mainstream, standard Sikh dharma.  In a basic sense, there are no "castes" in Sikh dharma, as there are in Hindu dharma.  The last names that most Sikhs have are  typically shared by people from certain parts of Punjab (Sandhu is more common in Amritsar area;   Gill is more common in Moga/Ludhiana area (I think) etc etc.  The basic point is that all Sikhs have Singh in their name, which is really our mark of common brotherhood, and Kaur is the mark of the sisterhood among the females in Sikh dharma.  There is not one other dharma or religion in the world in which the very names of all men and women reflect eternal brotherhood and sisterhood.  This sense of brotherhood is unique to Sikh dharma.  In fact, our basic thinking as Sikh people clearly reflects a strong and basic belief in the brotherhood of all men (Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, atheist, agnostic, black, white, red, yellow, brown, etc etc)

I offer my humble opinion for your kind consideration.      Waheguru.       Thanks,

Title: Re: How many Punjabi Castes???
Post by TJ on 19. Sep 2006 at 22:05

Saat Sri Akaal,

This is sad to say but in the UK caste exists very much where Sikh parents will only look for their own caste when marrying their son and daughter. Not all parents in the UK are like this, some are more open and modern. But its not a question about being open. We are told by our parents we should learn more about Sikhism when its really our parents who should enhance their learning on Sikhism.

In some cases sons and daughters are cut off from all family just because they fall in love with someone with a different caste.

The question I ask is: Is that such a crime?

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