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Message started by Forum Admin on 30. Nov 2004 at 04:35

Title: How many Punjabi Castes are there?
Post by Forum Admin on 30. Nov 2004 at 04:35

  Submitted by Punjabi
on: Nov 24th, 2004, 10:24pm »  

Hi All,

with due respect, may I know how many castes are there in Punjabi caste system? Also, I'd really appreciate a lot of someone tells me the names of all these Castes.


Title: Re:  How many Punjabi Castes are there?
Post by Harpreet on 22. Jan 2005 at 04:46

Dear Punjabi

According to Sikhism we should not have castes like Hindu's but in Punjab our great sikhs ( including in Sri Darbar Sahib ) do follow caste system.. Caste system is spread deep in roots of punjab ( recent clashes over Gurudwara in Jalandhar was example).

To answer your question SIKHS are divided into ( Hindu's u can get from google itself)

Accroding to laws of Supreme court so called Jats belong to OBC but in Punjab they consider them as Highest caste along with Arora's, Khatri's... ( In my village Jats have built a new gurudwara since old gurudwara was run by chumars. So first group of people who consider themselves are JATS, ARORA's and KHATRI's. ( We do have exceptions so please dont take it as insult on anyone.. i am trying to give figures according to rural punjab). Main occupation is Farming and sunayara's are goldsmith's. They dont marry ( exceptions do exists) other castes and u can check any matrimonial site where they will happily display their castes and preferences.

Second group belongs to Tarkhans ( Ramgharia's).. they are wood workers of past but are considered in medium level caste in our side of Punjab.

Third group belongs to Chumars... and u can imagine this group is typical middle class of India ( as an example)... got loads of money and now buying land too. They are mainly into Army and in foreign countries.. but basic job was to work with leather ( chum means leather in local language). In my area in Punjab they are not treated well and always called as chumar... Eventhough i am doing PhD and got various International fellowships but still people address me as chumara da munda .. which i am proud of.

Fourth group are majbi's and batde .. majbi's were involved in cleaning work and batde were tribes. Still treated very badly across punjab. Now rising up. Please note that sikhism is alive in remote parts of UK because of this group. Gurudwara of Edinburgh and various others were started and maintained by this group.

Both society as well as Govt is responsible for this classfication. Society was divided since past and those who write Khalsa etc behind their vehicles also write Gabru jat or Proud jat etc... ( common on roads in Punjab).. So society will never change. Next is Govt who is providing reservations. I belive this reservation should be taken out and let people fight competitions. Everyone got brain and capability. If govt want let them give support on financial grounds.

All comments are welcome and all those who didnt liked my message do write ur valuables views. I know most of the people who are in this forum will not follow such system but think about thousands of Khalsa's who are in Punjab and suffering.

Try keping yourself in my shoes and think how will u feel whenever u visit Village people introduce u like see chumara da munda who is studying in UK. So thats my experiance.


Title: Re:  How many Punjabi Castes are there?
Post by Harpreet on 07. Feb 2005 at 23:06

To back up my views with recent caste clashes in Jalandhar.

THis article is in Hindi so sorry for those who cant read Hindi

Guru Fateh

Title: Re:  How many Punjabi Castes are there?
Post by Harpreet on 08. Feb 2005 at 22:20

Another story

Tension prevails in nearby Variana and other villages following a clash between two groups of Dalits and Jats for allegedly prohibiting Dalits from entering the fields of Jats of Variana village for responding to the nature’s call.

Rajesh Kumari, Kulwinder Kaur, her father Chaman Lal, Raj Kumar and Parwinder Kumar, all Dalits, were allegedly not only attacked and injured by a group of youths belonging to the Jat community last night while they were returning from Guru Ravidas Gurdwara, but were also abused. On the other hand, Narinder Singh, Inder Singh, Amarjit Singh, Ravinder Singh and Kulwinder Singh of the Jat community were also injured.

While Dalits of Variana village had alleged that they were attacked, injured and insulted by Jats, who did not allow them to use their fields for responding to the nature’s call, the injured members of the Jat community had alleged that instead the Dalit youths attacked them with sharp-edged weapons. The police was probing the matter and trying to convince the leaders of both communities to arrive at a compromise.

Mr Rajinder Singh, DSP, however, said a group of Jat youths was found guilty during investigation conducted by SHO Balkar Singh. “We have registered a case against those found guilty during investigation,” said Mr Rajinder Singh

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