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Message started by PunjabiMunda on 31. Dec 2004 at 11:18

Title: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by PunjabiMunda on 31. Dec 2004 at 11:18

Hey Everyone (again)  :-[

Thought Is have my say in the Amritsar Airport discussion.

Ive flown there 3 times now and I agree its a bit of a tip and the staff are rude and never smile.  But the three times Ive been there, Ive had no problems at all!!

Concerning the airlines aswell, flown on Turkmenistan Airlines twice and Uzbeckistan Airways once, and to be honest I know there not exactly British Airways but I had no major problems again!!

And hey I rather fly to Amritsar, than drive 8 hours all the way from Delhi airport and get stopped 10 times on the way by policemen demanding money!!

You guys would agree that its early days for Amritsar airport, but give it time!! With Singapore Airlines now flying there, its all a matter of time until other big airlines start!

Take care everyone and Happy New Year!  ;D

Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by sweetguy on 23. Jan 2005 at 03:44

Dear Punjabi,

Yaar Balle BAlle and thanks for cheering our Amritsar.

Let us bring it up on the world level

Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by jason on 03. Feb 2005 at 20:32

I flew with singapore air this jan. had no probs goin and coming. Except when coming... the people that  move the luggage want money from everyone. I didn't even ask them to move move my luggage and they asked for tips of nothing less than 200 rup. My wife flew this week and same thing. Someone needs to STOP that. at the airport.

Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by allinone on 25. Feb 2005 at 19:39

Hello to everyone
regarding all opinions and suggestions for Amritsar Airport I think it will take a while for things to change, but the more publicity there is about these conditions at ATQ the more likely they are going to change.

There is a webpage dedicated to monitoring airline and airport service quality worldwide:

It contains comprehensive passengers´opinion about service quality in the airline industry. I would like to encourage everybody in this forum to posts their comments regarding Amritsar Airport on this page:

Also you can leave feedbacks about the airlines you have travelled with. Let´s hope they will all listen to what their customers have to say!

Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by ajaib singh gill on 23. Mar 2005 at 12:52

The amritsar airport is suppose to be completed in august but on 8 of march i read in the Tribune that the civil aviation autority has suspended the work because they want some modification to the present degin the building is slmost completed ninety percent and it is very stupid to make this changes at this last minutes the local airport autority had suggested that the work should carry on as usual the have protested that the work should carry on as usual the have written to the prime minister let see what happens

Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by AAPHARM on 30. Mar 2005 at 22:35

Nothing international about Amritsar Airport!(Bus stop)

Even the bus stop in bangalore is much better than the Amritsar Airport

How safe amritsar airport is everybody must know !

see the article in THE tribune ,Chandigarh (India )

Rajasansi—nothing international about it
Varinder Walia
Tribune News Service

Rajasansi (Amritsar), January 28
Rajasansi International Airport is perhaps the only airport in the world where one can cross the operational area, runway included, to pay obeisance at a shrine in its vicinity, thus, posing a serious security threat.

Interestingly, the airport also has the dubious distinction of hosting five planes after their hijacking.

Though the airport is 'international' yet it can not stand comparison even with local bus stands of the developed countries, given its woefully inadequate facilities.

The international tourists, who come from the state-of-the-art airports, get poor impression of the state when they land at the Amritsar airport.

Non-AC arrival and departure halls, shabby canteens, lack of conveyor belts, trolleys and shopping arcades paint a gloomy picture of the ‘international’ airport.

The pilots have to rely on their judgment while landing here as the airport does not have Runway Visual Range (RVR) instrument, which has not been arranged by the Metrological Department even after more than four years of the airport being notified as international.

The passengers and their relatives have to face a lot of inconvenience as there are no electronic flight information display boards.

The airport is sans proper seating facilities or wash-rooms for those who come to receive their near and dear ones.

The 7-km journey from Ajanala bypass chowk to Rajasansi airport reminds one of the medieval times as there is no provision of street lights on either side of the road.

While almost 50 flights a week, from different destinations of the world, arrive in the late evenings or early mornings, the possibility of any mishap can not be ruled out.

The encroachment on both sides of the road by the shopkeepers and mushrooming dwellings will worsen the situation in near future.

At least three lakh passengers arrive at this airport every year and the flow is likely to increase manifold.

The volume of cargo can not get a desired boost due to the indifferent attitude of all concerned.

Though the state government has sent a communication to the Centre to declare Amritsar's Raja Sansi International Airport, a port for export, nothing concrete has come out so far.

The proposed notification can ensure quick transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables abroad.

With international flights like Singapore Airlines starting operations from here, cargo facilities need to be in place to encourage exports and have matching imports.

Infact, these flights can only be sustained if the state and the Centre work together to enhance cargo traffic by bringing in cargo planes.

However, Mr V.S. Mulekar, Director, Airport Authority of India ( AAI), says the cargo terminal is ready and action on having a cargo bay has also been initiated.

Mr Mulekar says the new building of the international airport will be completed in the middle of this year. It will become operational from August 2005.

The construction of another air bridge and further extension of taxi track for aeroplanes are also in the pipeline .

Meanwhile, the government agencies are baffled over a suitable solution to check the flow of 'sangat' at the shrine in the airport's vicinity, especially during every 'sangrand' or anniversary of baba, when more than one lakh devotees throng the Gurdwara.

Mr Mulekar says he has sent many reminders to the state government through the Deputy Commissioner but it has evoked no response.

He says with more international flights in the offing, the arrangement of 'langar' (community kitchen) inside the shrine can pose a serious security threat.

He says the Airport Authority of India has offered to construct a big Gurdwara outside the airport, yet it does not get a positive response so far.

The devotees have faith in the shrine that was set up some 55 years ago when the airport was under the control of the Indian Air Force.

The "abiding belief", it is learnt, emanates from the fact that the shrine as well as the airport remained undamaged during the massive air strikes in the 1965 and 1971 wars with Pakistan, even though it was the 'nearest' and 'softest' target for enemy sorties.

The airport in Amritsar was originally granted the status of an international airport in 1980 when international flights to several destinations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, the then Soviet Union and England were introduced

Title: Photography at airports
Post by musafir on 06. May 2005 at 00:23

Could anyone tell me that am I allowed to take photos of the inside and the outisde of Amritsar airport, such as the new terminal building, airfield tarmac, etc
If not please tell me is it illegal to take photos of an airport and its grounds and what can the solution be of taking photos. Let me know a.s.a.p.

Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by PunjabiMunda on 06. May 2005 at 01:42

Re: Taking Photos of Airport

I wouldnt think of taking any photos while near the airport!! You have to remember that it is still an Indian Airforce base, therefore by taking photos you are risking arrest.  Also I have seen signs inside the terminal stating you should not take any photos.

Hope that helps!!

Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by musafir on 06. May 2005 at 01:57

Thanks alot. Does that includes taking picures using a camera mobile phone, where there is no one to watch me, like passengers or Security officers.

How come news reporters take photos of the airport grounds and publish in Indian newspapers like Tribune India, Indian Express, etc, will they be in trouble or are they using it for their own purposes?

Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by PunjabiMunda on 06. May 2005 at 23:25

Newspapers probably have to get permission from the airport authority before they take photos.  I doubt they would let the general public take photos due to security risks.  If you want to take photos without permission then I would be VERY careful because the consquences of such actions could be quite severe if you are caught by officals.

Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by gillsing on 24. Jun 2005 at 16:51

Amritsar airport can now handle exports
Posted by: editor on Wednesday, June 22, 2005 - 07:12 AM GMT+5:30
 News <TBODY> AMRITSAR: Exporters and importers of Punjab have got an opportunity to trade via Raja Sansi Airport at Amritsar because the airport has earned the status of a “customs notified” one.  
“Finance Minister P Chidambaram, during our recent meeting, told me Raja Sansi Airport had been declared ‘customs notified’ and exporters and importers can use the cargo facility at the airport,” MP Rana Gurjit Singh said yesterday.  
He said the finance ministry had amended 16 customs notifications issued under various export promotion schemes to permit imports and exports through the airport.  
“I told Chidambaram the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) had not yet given approval for custodianship to the Airports Authority of India Cargo complex, due to which shippers from Punjab still prefer Indira Gandhi Airport, Delhi, in view of quicker customs certifications and claiming duty draw entitlements,” Singh said.  
He said he had written a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan singh to take steps to set up a special economic zone in Amritsar, as announced by him, to benefit exports from the north.  
Meanwhile, exporters have welcomed the customs notified status for Raja Sansi airport and said this would be beneficial for them.  
Sharad Aggarwal, All India Chairman of Hand Tools Panel of Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC), said this would give a boost to exports from Punjab. “It will save the cost of sending goods to Delhi and least a day,” he said.  
“This will prove beneficial in meeting deadlines for overseas promotion and also it will lead to the development of Amritsar as an important hub for the movement of export and import cargo,” he said, adding that exporters would now be able to get all export incentives like duty drawback, duty entitlement pass book, advance licensing, export promotion capital goods, etc. for export shipments through the airport.  
The Hand Tools Exporters Forum and the Jalandhar Focal Point Association thanked Rana Gurjit Singh for his initiative.  

Punjab Newsline Network  

Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by musafir on 21. Jul 2005 at 23:44

Another thing is what is is meant by WAR-FOOTING, as mentioned in Tribune India on 19/07/2005 in the Punjab section.

What has Amritsar airport got to do with "war-footing"?

Please me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by gillsing on 22. Jul 2005 at 13:34

Air Italy will operate a weekly direct flight from verona to amritsar from july 22 the flight will touch down at rajasansi airport on july 22 at 7.30 am the first ever flight to cnnect Italy to punjab.

Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by musafir on 11. Aug 2005 at 22:51

Minister urged to improve airport facilities
Pawan Kumar

The Chairman of the National Commission for Minorities, and Rajya Sabha Member, Mr Tarlochan Singh, has urged the Minister for Civil Aviation, Mr Praful Patel, to depute a committee of senior officers to assess the immediate requirements of Rajasansi International Airport at Amritsar.

Mr Tarlochan Singh, in a letter to the minister, a copy of which was released to Amritsar Plus, appreciated the “go ahead” signal given by the minister for the completion of arrival and departure lounges at the newly-constructed terminal building at the airport.

He said that in view of more than 50 weekly flights being operational from the airport and a large number of passengers using the facilities, the improvement in infrastructure was a must. As the facilities were not up to the mark, there was resentment among NRIs and foreign tourists visiting the Holy City.

It may be recalled that the minister for civil aviation had stalled the construction of the modern terminal building in view of the new design. This caused a considerable delay in the opening of the arrival and departure lounges. Mr Tarlochan Singh added that he had urged the minister to allow the use of the newly-constructed terminal building for the convenience of the passengers.

Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by gillsing on 27. Aug 2005 at 17:01

AI plane grounded due to bird-hit
Ashok Sethi, Rashmi Talwar

Amritsar, August 26
As many as 172 passengers booked on Air India’s flight from Mumbai-Delhi via Amritsar to Birmingham en route to Toronto were stranded this morning when the aircraft failed to arrive from Delhi at 8.25 a.m.

Station manager Air India Ashwani Arora said that the aircraft while taking off at Delhi International Airport was grounded due to a bird-hit which partially damaged one of its engines and had to return. He added that Air India engineers at Delhi Airport were trying to repair the aircraft as to press it back into service for onward journey. Mr Arora said that Air India was also trying to arrange a new aircraft to take stranded passengers booked for Birmingham and Toronto.

He, pointed out that a special aircraft was likely to be flown in at midnight tonight to pick up stranded passengers.

Meanwhile, confusion prevailed at the Rajasansi as more than 30 passengers were offloaded from various flights headed abroad. As many as 28 passengers who had booked for Air-India flight-187 headed for Amritsar -Birmingham- Toronto were offloaded and were stranded here. They raised slogans against the airlines for offloading them. Many passengers including Mr Gurdip Sajna, headed for Toronto with family of four said despite their tickets being confirmed they were not allowed to board .

Some passenger from Air Italy AEY-813 for the morning flight today were also offloaded and complained to airline staff at airport, confirmed Mr Ravinder Singh, OSD airport .

Couple Bikram Sandhu and Poonam Preet Dhillon headed for Vancouver via the Singapore Airlines were told that they could not board flight today . Bearing ticket numbers 5166687101-02 , the woman was to take citizenship oath in Vancouver was distressed over the cancellation despite ‘OK” status of their tickets . No positive headway was forthcoming till the filing of the report as the Singapore flight was for late night.

Meanwhile Air-India made special arrangements to accommodate them in different hotels of the city and added that all facilities would be provided to them till they board the aircraft for respective destinations.

Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by musafir on 16. Sep 2005 at 06:22

Much-awaited terminal building opened
Our Correspondent

Rajasansi, September 15
The much-awaited newly constructed terminal building for the arrival lounge of the Rajasansi International Airport was inaugurated here today by the Chairman of the Airport Authority of India (AAI), Mr K. Ramalingam.

Talking to The Tribune, the Chairman said the modern terminal building had become operational for the convenience of passengers which would handle around 300 passengers at any given time. He said the arrival lounge, constructed at the cost of Rs 12 crore, would be connected to aerobridge, at present under construction, and would have all amenities. He said the departure lounge, also under construction adjacent to arrival lounge, would be commissioned within next three to four months at the additional cost of Rs 7 crore. The Airport Authority had provided 500 additional trolleys for the convenience of passengers.

He said the arrival lounge had already been fitted with escalators to be used for the passengers using the aerobridge. The arrival lounge had been fitted with two conveyor belt systems. He added that there was a provision to construct second aerobridge under the new expansion plan at a total outlay of Rs 80 crore for which the government had already given its go ahead. Mr Ramalingam said the next phase of construction would commence in January next year and hope to complete the project within a year.


Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by musafir on 11. Oct 2005 at 00:24

Amritsar airport gearing up to give a royal treatment

Publish Date : 5/11/2005 5:07:00 PM   Source : World News

With renovation and remodernisation work in full swing, the Rajasansi airport here is gearing up to give a royal treat to the air travellers next month.

"We started the work last June and it is expected to be complete by this June. After the completion the airport will have capacity to handle 500 passengers. The new building will be centrally air conditioned, lifts, escalators and rest all the facilities which are in Metro Airport will be provided," said Vijay Mulekar, director of the airport.

The airport is well linked by flights from all over India and has been upgraded to be an international airport.

"There is a Singapore Airlines, which has started, the Singapore Airlines is also catering to the complete west Coast of America, Canada as well as Australia. So we have people from all directions merging into Singapore and coming across to India through Amritsar. So, I would say Amritsar with a really good airport becomes global destination and gate way to India," said Singh.

The airport has come a long way since operating 3 fights per week to operating 56 flights per week today. In its new shape, the airport is set to make its mark on the global aviation map. (ANI)

Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by GSP on 11. Oct 2005 at 20:52

Just to let you guys know that I landed end of Sept and we went through the new arrival terminal. It is a refreshing change, not great but a lot 100 times better than what was there before.

Slowly it will get better and better. Checkout was very quick going by past standards.

Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by Harpreet singh on 11. Oct 2005 at 22:06

Excellent, Hope more people will come forward to write good things about Amritsar airport.

Earlier people were just complaining but now good to see positive responses.

Title: Re: Amritsar Airport!!
Post by Davinder Singh on 22. Oct 2005 at 09:01

Second phase of airport expansion gets green signal
Ashok Sethi

THE Civil Aviation Ministry has given a “go ahead” signal to the second phase of the ambitious expansion plan of Rajasansi International Airport to modernise its facilities.

The Minister of Civil Aviation, Mr Praful Patel, in a letter to Mr Tarlochan Singh, Member of Parliament and Chairman of the National Commission for Minorities, the copy of which is available with Amritsar Plus, had pointed out that keeping in view the flow of passengers and the number of flights operating from the airport, the ministry had already given its approval for the construction of Module-2 of the terminal building.

The minister added that during the project review meeting for better aesthetic ambience and the overall view to present modern design and dynamism of aviation industry, the proposed design of the building had been improved.

Mr Patel said the new design work relating to the building that had been temporarily suspended for two to three months had already been resumed for the terminal building. The building would be completed by November this year. The arrival lounge was already commissioned by the Chairman, Airport Authority of India, Mr Ramalingam, a fortnight ago. The departure lounge is expected to become operational by the end of this year.

The minister said the Module 2 of the building would have two additional boarding bridges for which the tenders and the construction work would begin by November 2005.

The expansion plan, with an outlay of Rs 80 crore, would also include increase in the apron capacity in view of future requirements of the airport. On completion of these works, the airport would be able to handle about 900 passengers at any given time, he added.

Giving details of the expansion plan, the minister said it included fully air-conditioned new terminal complex, resurfacing of the existing runaway, taxi track, extension of the runaway, strengthening and construction of apron to accommodate four aircrafts.

Mr Tarlochan Singh, in his communication to the minister, had drawn the latter’s attention to the rapidly increasing passenger and cargo traffic. Presently, more than 50 international and national flights were operating every week, connecting the city to various destinations across the globe, the letter had stated.

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