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Message started by Amritsar_Travel on 18. Mar 2005 at 04:36

Title: Midland Airways....have they gone under?
Post by Amritsar_Travel on 18. Mar 2005 at 04:36

We have heard of numerous complaints about Midland Airways.

We now hear that Midland Airways has gone under. To all our community members, please please be very careful with Midland Airways. We are attempting to verify this report.

If this is true, what a sad day for our community. Our heart goes to those passengers who paid for tickets on Midland Airways.

Please do write in and tell us of your experiences.

Please only book with well known, reputable airlines.

Let us hope we all learn from this episode.


Amritsar Travel

Title: Re: Midland Airways....have the gone under?
Post by Kamaljit Kaur on 18. Mar 2005 at 20:53

:(Myself and my family travelled to India Amritsar with Midland airways on 11th Feburary 2005.  My husband and my two older children were to return on 20th Feburary but the flight was cancelled until 21st Feburary, which was not to bad.
However, myself and my 68 year old mother and my youngest son of 6, we were due back on 5th March.  I rand the Jullunder office nearly every day before 5th of March to see if the flight was on time and everyday I got the same message yes Madam the flight is on time don't worry.  then would you believe it when I rang again the day before we were due to fly they sad sorry Madam but the flight has been cancelled until 13th March.  I was very angry and went straight down to the office would you believe it at 11 o'clock in the morning the buggers had shut the office and ran off.
We manged to get in contact with a mobile number the guy on the other end assured us that someone will be back in the office to see us.  Well by this time,someone came a group off angry passengers had got together will the same problem.  I was then told the flight will be going on Tuesday 8th March at 2030pm.  would you belive I got a phone 2 days before sayinng the flight will now be going at 1230pm instead.  
Wait for it then on Tuesday the day we were supposed to fly got another phone call to say the flight has be cancelled and will be going on Thursday, I was very angry by this time, (my Mum was due for an knee replacement operation on Thursday and my son was very ancious to get back and my job was on the line, how many days can your employeer keep your job on hold for fortunatley my employeers were very understanding but thats not the point, by now I am down 2 days pay!!!)  
Back to the main story I told the guy on the end of the phone that I need a flight back home today no matter what, he said he will ring back and let me know what he could do.  I hired a car and started to make my way to Jullunder to the office we were nearly there when he rang back and aid the is a flight tomorrow but from Dehli and they would take us by coach and we were to fly at 1400pm.  
I told him I was coming to the office he said there is no-one there the office is closed, we went back home and told the family what had happened we were very frightened to go to Dehli as no-one was allowed to go with us, we told the chance and got the coach from Jullunder at 2030pm.  
The driver dropped us of at Dehli airport at 0530pm on Wednesday morning.  There were 17 of us on this coach and we were just dumped outside the airport no knowing what to do.  no-one was there to meet us, we did not know what flight we were going on we had no tickets, we were all very frightened and very upset and tired.  A very nice gentleman from the airport came to the rescue got us all a nice cup of tea and rang Midland Airways office to get us some assistance.  Two men came with the tickets and they provided us with some breakfast as well, which was nice off them it was the least they could do.  They gave us the tickets but there was still lots of other problems for some of the other passengers, they had got their names written down wrong, childrens name were down but their parents we not etc, etc, etc,
We were told to check in at 1100am on Monarch airlines would you believe it when we went to check in were we told that none of us are on the list and that tehy were not informed anything about us.  Can you image the angry passengers by now.  We were then told that we could only board if they had seats available after everyone on the flight had checked in.  
Luckily all our 3 hours waiting had paid off and were we all checked onto the flight. We were all very thankful by now and knew that we were finally on our way home.  however the flight was not going to birmingham but instead was landing at Gatwick airport, we were told that there would be a bus waiting for to take us to Birmingham airport luckily for us they did keep there side of the bargain, there was a coach waiting for us.

This expereince is the worst I have ever had especially when you are a woman travelling with a child and a senior citizen who can hardly walk.  We will never ever travel with Midland Airways again, the only reason we booked with them is that they advertised it was a direct flight which we thought would be easier for my mum and the children.  I have been very emotional and have the same reocurring dreams every night that I am not allowed to board a plane. This expereince has put me off flying we go on holiday to India to see our families now I don't know when i will go back, thank you Midland Airwaysyou have made my life a misery.

Title: Re: Midland Airways....have they gone under?
Post by annoyed on 03. May 2005 at 04:07

My family and I have had so many problems on Midland Airways.  It was the worst flight experience of my life and it seems that thereís lots more people like us out there with the same experiences.  
Iíve been speaking to my travel agent about what we could do about this problem and he tells me that all tickets sold for Midland Airways flights were protected by ATOL number 4420 which belongs to a company called PAYLESS TRAVEL LTD.  Payless Travelís address is 60 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 2EW.  This is the same as Midland Airwaysís London address and Iím guessing that the companies must be related or that one must be the sister company of the other.  Payless Travel has a website at and its contact details are
Tel:       0870 747 9012 / 0207 436 5319 / 0207 436 9009
Fax:      0870 747 9013 / 0207 436 9010
My agent seemed sure that this ATOL protection was in place and said that he wouldnít have even considered selling Midland Airways tickets without it. Apparently, all charter flights must be protected by ATOL and Midland Airways gave the Civil Aviation Authority a bond so that itís passengers would be protected.  He said that the CAA knows that Midland Airways flights were protected by Payless Travelís ATOL number.  He also said that all travel agents he knew selling Midland Airways tickets know about this ATOL protection and only sold tickets because this ATOL protection was in place.   Itís Payless Travel we should be contacting to get our refunds and our compensation.
I hope that is of help.  Good luck to you all and letís hope that thereíll be some good news for us.

Title: Re: Midland Airways....have they gone under?
Post by S.P. Randhawa on 09. May 2005 at 22:15

I also bought 3 tickets via Balu Travels of Soho Road, Handsworth, to travel to Amritsar on 11/03/05 from BHX.
Still awaiting  for my refund which I was promised I will get back within 3 weeks.
My Insurance company will not pay our either ,  because of  a clause in insurance policy if the airline goes into admistration they are not liable.
Since I bought by tickets Via a Travel agent and they are still trading and  are member of ATOL.
I did manage to go to India by purchasing furher 3 tickets Club Class for a different airline.
Still going around in Circles trying to get my money back.

Title: Re: Midland Airways....have they gone under?
Post by annoyed on 13. May 2005 at 23:26

Mr Randhawa,

Have you been in touch with Payless Travel? †Your Midland Airways tickets were protected by their ATOL licence - they should therefore refund you.

Title: Re: Midland Airways....have they gone under?
Post by S.P. Randhawa on 17. May 2005 at 21:57

I have spoken to Payless their answer, we are no longer associated with Midland Airways, and want nothing to do with them.
So anybody going to them will be wasting their time.
I am trying to get my money back from the credit card company since they are jointley liable under  section 75 0f the consumer credit act .
Word of warning for your readers , Your travel Insurance  policy does not cover you if the company you are dealing with goes into administration.
A loop hole in the law the Insurance Companies take  advantage off, I understand the Government is going to close this loop hole. Too late for me.

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