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Message started by Harj on 03. Apr 2005 at 07:14

Title: Recent Visit to Amritsar
Post by Harj on 03. Apr 2005 at 07:14

I have just arrived from a visit to thre Punjab, my last visit was 15 years. I made the pilgim to the Golden Temple which was amazing, however, i was absolutely disgusted with the perverts. I went with my wife, 2 kids, 2 sisters in laws and  in-laws and was subjected to one of the most humilating experiences of my life. We were purchasing some souvenirs from one of the stalls situated near to where shoes are left, as my sister in law was looking for some gifts she was becoming extremely annoyed by the bloke serving her because he was basically rubbing himself against her. She moved and he then tried to put his hand on my wifes backside,fortunately he saw i could see what he was doing and he quickly moved, i could not believe what i was seeing.
Throughout our 2 weeks in the punjab, mainly in phagwara and jullunder they were getting gawped and shouted obsenecites  by local perverts.
It took me 15 years to return to the Punjab and these incidents have made me make a decision that we will never return.
I would rather spend my money going to places where women are treated better and bot surrounded by pervs

Title: Re: Recent Visit to Amritsar
Post by Singh on 16. May 2005 at 22:25

Singh Ji,
I know what you mean there are Perves all over the world.Will you stop visiting all the countries.I too have travel India with my wife daughter and sis in Law.People make it very obious that they are starring at you. Until the Indian peple go back to basics I am afraid the situation will get a lot worse there.
Peole do all sort of STUPID things even when you go to Golden temple and stand in the queue and get pushed from all angles. What kind of pilgrimiage is that?

Title: Re: Recent Visit to Amritsar
Post by H Singh on 17. May 2005 at 04:32

Sorry to hear that Sir,

You have not seen our country yet. Punjab is not the representative for India.

I am from Punjab, and know what are you talking about. I have seen India from Kashmir to Bangalore.

Our punjabi community, whther it is Punjab, UK, Canada or Delhi is same. No offences but haven't you seen same thing in gurudwara's in London. Do visit southall and write back if it is different.
We call our culutre the best but recent developments have shown Punjabi's are loosing all moral values.

Please next time when you visit India, just visit Himachal pradesh (of course not border areas of Punjab) and Karnataka (Bangalore).

I am not saying you won't feel presence of goonda factors. But i am sure you can see true culture of India.

In Punjab youth is getting spoiled due to drugs, extra money and foreign dreams without any effort.
Do you know maximum amont of liquor in India is consumed in Punjab.

Political wings and so called parbandak commitees are just after money and not to help people.

Once again sorry for your bad experiance but don't conclude India is that bad. After all we bunh of students doing research in western world want to return and make an effort to improve hospitality in India.

Don't go and just spend money since you have it, for your comforts, u can enjoy comfort here too. Try to make and effort to start atleast a school or upgrade a school in your village. In this way we can atleast change coming generation if not present one.


Title: Re: Recent Visit to Amritsar
Post by Kiran Sidhu on 27. Jan 2006 at 13:26

Hiya Harj, I looked at your comments and it's so sad that you feel this way. But understand this... It's unfair to think that you are blaming our divine... Harminder Sahib... It's not the place, it may be the people. But I don't understand  :-? Where aren't there any perverts? On a friday night, we are out with our friends in Central London, I do love it but... Perverts are roaming around the streets at every corner! And you know for a fact, where there are beautiful women, there shall be perverts. It doesn't mean that you say things like "I would rather spend money on where women are treated better"... It's not about the Women anyway is it? It's about Waheguru... I just found that offensive that's all... Anyway, wish you all the luck with "non-pervert" Countries (DO NOT EXIST)  ;D Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa... Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh...

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