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Message started by kapil mehra on 04. Jul 2005 at 03:54

Title: biotechnology institute in amritsar
Post by kapil mehra on 04. Jul 2005 at 03:54

please tell us that as announced by punjab government, has it been set up ?

Title: Re: biotechnology institute in amritsar
Post by Harpreet singh on 13. Jul 2005 at 04:46

Not even heard about it....  I am still looking for BIotech research institute in Punjab. We have NIPER, PGI and IMTECH which are just ok for basic research.

For excellent research nearest bet is Delhi (ICGEB), MUmbai (TIFR), Hyderabad (CCMB), Bangalore (IISc, JNCASR and NCBS).

Other institutes are
IIT Bombay, NIMHANS, Reliance unit on stem cells, Ranbaxy labs, Bose institute, Reddy's lab....

Coming up institutes are
IIT Kanpur, IIT Madras, couple of labs in Pune, Couple of labs in Delhi.

Thats it for India so far

Hope we will have few more to return back to our country after doing PDFs etc.


Title: Re: biotechnology institute in amritsar
Post by Harpreet singh on 22. Sep 2005 at 00:54


Biotech institute: Amarinder, Canadian
team to meet PM
Sarbjit Dhaliwal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 19
A team of biotechnology experts from Canada and the Punjab Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, will meet the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, during his visit to this city on September 24 to discuss the setting up of the National Institute of Biotechnology in Punjab. A team of Canadian experts will reach here on September 22.

An assurance was given by Dr Manmohan Singh to set up such an institute in Punjab about a year ago. However, not much progress has been made on this front. The state government had submitted a project report on the institute to the Union Human Resource Development Ministry a few months ago. However, the ministry said that it had no budgetary provision to fund such a project. The state government has again taken up the issue with the Union Government as the Prime Minister had promised to give funds for the institute, the estimated cost of which will be about Rs 300 crore.

Sources said the Punjab Government wanted to set up a working group of biotechnology experts of international repute to redraft the project report. Capt Amarinder Singh, who during his last visit to Canada had been impressed by the Plant Biotechnology Institute, Saskatoon, is keen on appointing Dr Kuttikartha chairman of the working group. Dr Kuttikartha, an NRI, is the Director-General of the Saskatoon institute and also Director-General of the National Research Council of Canada.

The sources said that Canada had the world’s best biotech institutes and parks. Dr Kuttikartha is a member of the team that will be here from September 22 to 24.

Apart from meeting the Prime Minister, the Canadian team, which includes some leading biotech industrialists and representatives of the National Research Council, and is led by Mr Arthur Carty, Adviser, Science, to the Prime Minister of Canada, will interact with their Indian counterparts to examine the possibilities of entering into a tie-up for starting various biotech projects at the Punjab Biotechnology Park and Biotechnology Incubator. The Punjab Biotechnology Park is being set up in Behra village, near Dera Bassi.

The Canadian team will also meet Mrs Romila Dubey, Principal Secretary, Science and Technology, Dr N.S. Tiwana, Executive Director, and Dr S.S. Marwaha, Chief Executive Officer of the Punjab State Council of Science and Technology. The team will identify areas for joint ventures, technology transfer and marketing opportunities. Some of them are also keen on setting up R and D and incubation facilities at the park. At least 12 Indian entrepreneurs will be meeting the Canadian team.

Title: Re: biotechnology institute in amritsar
Post by harpreet singh dhillon on 07. Nov 2005 at 01:11

sat sri akal dosto!!!!

even i m not heard of such institute in amritsar ( my hometown is amritsar n i m engineering student) apart from the instis pointed out by harpreet above two other reputed institutes which can really excell in research in this field are IIT Guwahati and IIT Roorkee ( Roorkee started it last year) already some nice work has been started in IIT Guwahati.....

dosto bahut jald hi apne bharat which vi saarian research facilities hon gian.......

Title: Re: biotechnology institute in amritsar
Post by Friend on 08. Nov 2005 at 02:35

Dear H S Dhillon,

I am keeping track of everything since i have left India in 2003 about Biotech. IIT Roorkee is just a nuts place for Biotech. It is excellent for other fields. HOD of IITR  is good in talking bullshit but not good in research. All young people who have joined IIT R recently have left it within few days. The onlye person who is doing excellent research in IITR is Prof. Dhaliwal. Others are just slgging.

I cannot comment on IIT Guwahati except that its tech branches are good since we had couple of B Tech guys visiting us for summer training. They were good.

So those who are thinking IIT Roorkee's Biotech dept. is good be warned... as you will regret your decision. Go to their website and see how many publications they have in referred journals... Recently HOD had paper in science but it was just because his friend in US have written his name. Two guys have left IIT R and have joined PhDs in Oxford and Edinburgh,... both were under HOD for PhD.

If any one needs any guidance in biotech related matters please do contact me here and i will mail u or atleast will ask guys around the globe to help u.

Title: Re: biotechnology institute in amritsar
Post by Harpreet singh on 08. Nov 2005 at 02:39


I have read today that they are building Biotech corridoor in chandigarh patiala belt.. it is still on papers.

Punjab govt is again after votes as they are giving focus only on agriculture related biotech to get hype in farmers.. But research should be supported in all fields.... and when u talk about Biotech (which i don't think is any subject on its own) you should concentrate on molecular or nano level in all fields.


Title: Re: biotechnology institute in amritsar
Post by Harpreet singh on 08. Nov 2005 at 19:59

Dirty politics for Biotech institute. It was planned in Amritsar but now Capt. Amarinder Singh is trying to take nearer to Patiala. I am not sure how it will benefit him unless he decides to recruit scietists from Punjabi university instead of all over the world. Here is another news.

I think Institute should be situated near good institutes or research labs so that people can cooperate and selection should be fair on merit basis. No seats should be reserved for anyone (as we need scientists and not just another burden). They should not ask for 10th pass punjabi certificate (they do ask if u wanna join as a scientist in PAU, GNDU or Punjabi univ.). I am a Sikh and have never studied Punjabi, but can read and write it and even do paath in Punjabi.. even after experience for 10 years in west including PhD i won't be able to return to Punjab !!!.  Lets hope Govt. will set up an institute and not a SGPC or congress centre.

Manch opposes shifting of biotech institute
Tribune News Service

Amritsar, November 7
Members of the Amritsar Vikas Manch are up in arms against the shifting of the National Institute of Biotechnology from here to Dera Bassi. The institute will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, on November 9.

The manch, in a missive to the Prime Minister, has urged him to restrain the Punjab Government from shifting the institute.

Capt Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister, had discussed the proposal of setting up the institute with Dr Manmohan Singh during the celebrations of 400th anniversary of the installation of Guru Granth Sahib.

Dr Charanjit Singh Gumtala, president of the manch, said the holy city was facing neglect at the hands of successive governments

Title: Re: biotechnology institute in amritsar
Post by Harpreet singh on 10. Nov 2005 at 19:32

PM clears nanotechnology institute for Punjab
Sarbjit Dhaliwal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 9
Utilising the few minutes he got to interact with the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, the Punjab Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, projected the pressing needs of the state to him here today. These included the settling of the controversy regarding the output of rice from paddy and certain approvals to set up an international airport near Ludhiana and the national institute of defence at Kapurthala.

While travelling back to the local airport in the Prime Minister’s car, Capt Amarinder Singh got an opportunity to talk to Dr Manmohan Singh. The Prime Minister immediately flew back to Delhi after delivering the lecture at the Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID).

The Prime Minister, official sources said, told the Chief Minister that he would visit Punjab in about 4 weeks from now to lay the foundation stone of the Punjab biotechnology park at Dera Bassi. In fact, the foundation stone was to be laid today, but the function was cancelled at the last moment.

The sources said that Dr Manmohan Singh also told Capt Amarinder Singh that the Union Government had approved a national institute of nanotechnology for Punjab. It would be funded entirely by the Union Government and the estimated cost would be Rs 100 crore. In fact, the Union Government had asked the state government to submit a proposal in this regard at the earliest. The setting up of such an institute would give a big boost to research in applied sciences and engineering in this region.

The sources said that the Chief Minister requested the Prime Minister to get clearance from the Union Defence Ministry and the Environment Ministry for setting up an international airport at Ladowal, near Ludhiana. The state government had engaged a consultancy firm to conduct a survey of the area to set up the airport. The firm is expected to give its report by December.

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