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Message started by Singh on 21. Sep 2005 at 03:53

Title: need help asap
Post by Singh on 21. Sep 2005 at 03:53

Hi, how far is Harmandir Sahib from Amritsar International Airport? how long would it take in a taxi? and would you know if there are buses that go directly to the Gurdwara from the airport as it a major tourist attraction.

Thanks for your help.  :D

Title: Re: need help asap
Post by gillsing on 21. Sep 2005 at 13:30

Hai. Amritsar international Airport is only 15 kilometer away from the golden temple it only takes about 20 minutes by taxi unless during day time when the traffic is very heavy it takes about half an hour. there is no bus service at the moment but taxi and car rentel is easy to get. the new arrival hall of the airport has been opened on the 15 of september and you can now clear your luggage within 20 minutes. There are 500 new trolleys at the arrival hall and the duty free shop is opening soon. bye.

Title: Re: need help asap
Post by Jackie Shroff on 21. Sep 2005 at 13:32

Its not that far yaar, probably about 40 mins or less. Your worst thing is hoping you can get out the airport in under 2 hours, cos its a nightmare.
Getting a taxi is the least of your worries, there are some there i think ........ but if in doubt just call some taxi person in ur pind and get em to take you. It's cheap as anything in india.

Title: Re: need help asap
Post by musafir on 15. Oct 2005 at 23:26

I am planning to travel to Amritsar on my own, maybe next month, using Air India service from Birmingham.

I know that flight AI-188 lands at ATQ at 2.30am in the dead of night, does it takes half an hour to clear my baggage/immigration in the new terminal?  
Do any taxis leave at the airport at this time of night?
Is it safe for me to wonder off on my own around Amritsar
Is it safer to stay in the visitors/passenger lounge, until it is morning? How are the facilities are like in the passeneger lounge?

I really nedd to know quickly as possible, so that I may plan to book my tickets very soon.

Title: Re: need help asap
Post by Hardip Bharj on 17. Oct 2005 at 06:28

Like any big City it has its good and bad points.I have been to India  and Amritsar on many occassions. You just have to be one step of the locals as they will try to pull a fast one.

Get a taxi.... Dont part with any money until you reach your destination. Agree to pay a fixed price before you board the taxi. Even if he askes for petrol money tell them you will pay at the other end.

Walking around at 2-3 am in the morning not much you can see in the dark but its safe as any big city in the world..

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