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Message started by jat on 28. Oct 2005 at 06:35

Title: luggage
Post by jat on 28. Oct 2005 at 06:35

What is weight allowed on Turkmenistan?
Anybody had any hassle taking electrical goods?
Is it right you have to open up your suitcases so they can check to see what you are carrying?

Title: Re: luggage
Post by desi on 28. Oct 2005 at 20:20

Let me help you if I can.

Normal Consumer Electrical Goods - you can carry them provided you let them know and take a proof of ownership/receipt etc.

All Custom Officers in any country have the legal right to ask you to open up your suitcase or any packages. You cannot stop them - this applies whether you are in London, Ney York or Amritsar. You should pack your suitcase to allow them to inspect it easily - you should open up the suitcase yourself. They are only doing their job.

Luggage allowance -depends on the airline and the ticket you have - your travel agent or the airline offices should be able to tell you - make sure you get the correct information because they will charge you extra if you exceed it.


Title: Re: luggage
Post by jat on 29. Oct 2005 at 04:28

i know luggage allowance depends on the airline, that is why I enquired about turkmenistan. to see what they let you take.  As for the electrical goods, I am asking if I can leave them there.  As far as the luggage search I am asking if it is done in a civilised manner. Having listened to punjab radio on sky, I have heard many people ring in stating that items have gone missing, during this process.

Title: Re: luggage
Post by binder on 29. Oct 2005 at 06:09

Desi, read carefully, what jat has to say. Jat, when monkey has lighter in their hand, they can do any thinh they want :)
Second, do you think they will have the manner? no way they will just try to see what you have in side your suitecase.
depends what you wear, what type of clothes you are wearing, thats how they ask you to open your suitcase.
I hope you got my drift

Binder :o

Title: Re: luggage
Post by Desi on 29. Oct 2005 at 08:39

I find the insinuations and comments very disrepectful for our community and the people who work at the airport.

Let us please show some respect to our community - this is OUR COMMUNITY and these are our people. Please look into the mirror and see what you see.

Somehow we seem to think we are above all the people who live and work in Punjab......just because we live in the UK.....We think they are going to rob us, they are greedy, they are ....dare I say it below us?

How sad that we feel this....How very sad.

Next time, look in the mirror and look carefully at what and who you see.

mmmm interesting that we now live in the UK and we think we are more trustworthy, more honest and ...above the community which is our roots

Very illuminating comments I must say!

Title: Re: luggage
Post by Jackie Shroff on 29. Oct 2005 at 09:23

LOL @ desi

COMMUNITY THAT BUCHAAA!!! hAVE YOU seen the sardars at Amrtisar airpot and what a power trip they are on. Its a disgrace

Title: Re: luggage
Post by jat on 29. Oct 2005 at 22:08

desi, take a look in the mirror what do you see.

ask yourself why corruption is so rife in your motherland.

right from the toilet attendants to the people in high places.

why are people coming on these message boards and enquiring about the state of their homeland.

why are India airports described like bus shelters compared to other countries.

why in the year 2005 are people arriving at india airports being ill-treated.  why are english white tourists treated as royalty.

you forget that we go over as tourists and we go to see our families, who are not allowed to come and see us.

Dictatorship comes to mind.

there is no need for us to be ashamed, I feel everybody
who goes back to their motherland does as much as they can for the people there.

remember : India is supposed to be the up and coming economy.

Title: Re: luggage
Post by mr Dhaliwal on 31. Oct 2005 at 00:24

Please do not try to defend in undefindeables.

AS FAR AS people form India not being allowed in here,just have walk down, southall,smethwick etc.
And if you talk to the FUjis (new arrival/chori arrival),one thing they would admit is that "apna des anreza they RAJ which dheek see).

so there.

Title: Re: luggage
Post by jat on 31. Oct 2005 at 18:41

ref mr dhaliwal

your talking a load of crap. how many families are allowed over to visit.

You people ought to open your eyes.

Title: Re: luggage
Post by Harpreet singh on 01. Nov 2005 at 01:12

Dear friends,

I think everyone is right on their stands.

1. Getting Visa for west is difficult for people from India. But i have seen that if you are genuine visitor/student or tourist you will never face problem. Problem here is our own people have abused visa facilities provided. People get various visas and become illegal immigrants here (called fauji's or kabootars). I think Govt. of should make visa issuing more strict and controlled.

2. Younger generation in Punjab is desperate to go to west and do whatever is available. They are not using their potentials to get good degrees in India and come as white collared workers here. Instead they are keen to spend 8-14 lakhs to get western visa. I think we need to educate people in a better way.

3. People in Punjab should understand that even if they arrive in west they will not be able to get a decent job and end up working for NRI's here who are not very helpful. They will make you work for 7 days a week and 12 hrs a day... They will give u just 20% of what they shoudl actaully pay you. Illegal immigrants are source of slaves for these NRI's.

4. Attitude of staff at airport is our own mirror image. Punjab which was on top just few years ago is now 5th in GDP. Selfish and mean attitude is showing degradation everywhere. People from Punjab are in west since 1950's but only 7% of their kids are on white collar jobs as compare to people who are migrating now.  I prefer to compare Bangalre with Amritsar, why Amritsar is ignored by BA, Air France, Lufthansa, Air India, Virgin Atlantic but they do fly to Bangalore and are keen to start more flights to Banaglore. Where was same bangalore around 10 years back. Do they have magic stick in their hand which we are lacking.. or is this stick is only for personal use !!!

I urge you guys if you want our future generations to see prosperous Punjab start educating them. And those who comment on illegal immigrants, i think they need to look back in to their families... if they have even a single person who have migrated to west illegally they should not comment. Instead they should go back and teach students ... i think when we go back we all should make it a point that we communicate with school kids and tell them what is good and what is bad. Why migrating to UK/US as a truck driver/plumber/slave is bad and why migrating as doctor/ engineer etc is good.

Good luck

Title: Re: luggage
Post by Guest on 01. Nov 2005 at 01:16

Yes it is true.... and these uneducated fauji's do comment apna desh angreja de raaj wich hi theek si... because they belong to category of those who can spend 10 lakh for UK visa but not 10 thousand for education. They can spend 12 hours as slaves but not 10 minutes on books. So whom you want to listen.. fauji's or HSMP/H1B holders

Title: Re: luggage
Post by jat on 01. Nov 2005 at 05:16


You are right in what you have said.  The big problem we have with this issue is that people from the 3rd world countries think that the streets in the west are paved with gold.
Many people want someone to go to a country in the west, send back money and also try to bring others into these western countries.
Just look at the arranged marriage system how many women have come from abroad using this ritual and then going there own separate ways.
The world is changing fast, more faster in the east than the west.
The respect we had with our families and friends is fast changing. No longer can you turn up at someones abode without first letting them know that you going to come. people have become to busy with their lives.
we are getting more and more segrated and Unfortunately the days will come when visits to India will be come a thing of the past and visits to Florida, Spain, Portugal and Western holiday resorts will be the inthing. Our Mother tongue will die out along with our eating habits and culture. Then India will be just another name on the globe.

Title: Re: luggage
Post by Mr Dhaliwal on 01. Nov 2005 at 10:22

Ref Jat?.

As the saying goes "empty vessels make the most noise" and that sounds just like.

You talk about people not being allowed,Remember The story of Bhagat singh,"lets get the Gorias out of India" and you mention losing culture/mother tounge.

When was the last time you went to India/punjab,have you tried to communicate with officals in punjabi( I suppose they spoke in punjabi--ha ha ) and look at you only to find them answer,you in have a guess.(or are still trying to defend them).

How about the so called sikh schools there "remaind the people what language is taught" and the uniforms that girls wear,or are you going to deny that sskirts are not worn.

Ask kids to name the four sons of Guru Govind singh very few can actually answer that, however ask about,michael Jackson/britney spears. I suppose you are not going to guss this one either.

You call your self a jat, just ask any of them ( yes they are my blood and soul too), answer "bhar nu ley chalo" ( I dont blame either for saying this).

As for the "chief minster and opposition leader almost every word is spoken" in, are you going to guess, or become ignorent, which from your reply sound that you are.

But why come to "pardes" when Likes of "bhagt singh" ( how they must be slapping there forheads at todays happeings and every respect to them) made "des" azaad".

You so called jat "unbury that head of yours " before you talk about other people talking crap.

By the way I have been promting punjabi culture witin the so called pardes for about last 20 years and I must say Kids born and brought up here are far more ,truthful,helpful, hve an understanding and respect for the punjabi langage/culuture, them any of yours, the ones you want to be allowed to come openly here.

If you still not satisfied go out and live there for coulple of months.

Title: Re: luggage
Post by Punjabi on 02. Nov 2005 at 00:00

Dear Dhaliwal

Good to see your comments and great to know about your efforts too.

I do agree that younger generation in west is making their best efforts to learn Punjabi. Even in Punjab we don't have problems till high school level. But once students  get info about foreign (which i assume is only money ... ) they forget to study and think about west.

I think we all should concentrate on spreading good will in Punjab or elsewhere about right cultural and moral values.  

For every prosperous nation we need scientists, doctors, engineers, lawyers, educated politicians, high skilled workers and other intelligent tradesmen. If any one of them is missing we have to import them (like US is doing importing scientists and engineers from India and China).

Punjabi will never die till we have people like Dhaliwal or our local Punjabi teachers backhome. Those who have identity problems will definately try to run away from it.
Punjabi is our blood group...and not just a culture or language. If you are worried about its death please start saving it !!!

Title: Re: luggage
Post by Mr Dhaliwal on 02. Nov 2005 at 05:13

Ref:- Punjabi.

At least someone is thinking on the right line and I totally agree with you that through "education" we can achieve this. As per "gurus saying" its "quality not quantity" that is required.

Title: Re: luggage
Post by GSP on 08. Nov 2005 at 21:09

The sardars may be on a power trip but dont isolate this to just Amritsar. I can remember many years ago Delhi airport being the same, even now staff have a chip on their shoulder for the fact that they are working in the airport which is regarded a good position. Delhi used to give the same hassle and yet was a fully international airport. Amritsar is getting better, the busier it gets the less problems people will encounter.

Unfortunatley the rest is not a straight forward issue. Please note that something exceptional happened to Sikhs in India. With the killings in Delhi and the constant harrasment by the police and breach of human rights (call it terrorism or freedom fighting whichever side you are on), during this time lots of the young Sikhs who were the future of punjab went abroad and settled. This left the elderley and the very very young, a lot of foreign money was sent to the parents, now the youngster have grown up and dont want to work or put any effort, they want the lifestyle but not the effort.

The new generation are into easy money, drugs is a MAJOR problem in punjab, and most  are relying on their parents wealth or what little they have.

Punjab is the one state that recieves the worst treatment and gives one of the most. Hopefully it is changing. Personally I want to spent time in India and become part of soviety there, i know its not great but its a experience!! If we really think about it our western worlds arent that great apart from the money, but the expenses are there as well!

Title: Re: luggage
Post by Singh on 09. Nov 2005 at 06:00

??? :-/ :-* :'( ::) ??? 8) :o >:(
Guys... yeah I have been to Amritsar Airport 2/3 times and Delhi 5/6 Times.
As soon as you land there and go through the checks you know these guys are on a power trip. As long as you have nothing illegal. You should have no fear. Taking gifts for friend within reason is ok. I have never paid a penny to a customs person. Altough been hassled many times and spent 3 hours on one occassion, repeatdly being asked to put my suitcase through thexray machine. I stood my ground firm. Told them if you want to charge me customes duty then I have no problem. Just cut me a proper Govt receipt. as I had nothing to declare they let me go. Im afarid thats the way it is there and a large magority still suppliment their income in this way.It happens all over the world

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