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Message started by jat(Guest) on 07. Mar 2006 at 09:54

Title: amritsar airport
Post by jat(Guest) on 07. Mar 2006 at 09:54

Just returned from 3 week holiday from punjab. Flew with turkimenistan. Great flight going out and coming back. Amritsar airport, now a very clean modern airport, fully computerised, friendly staff, no hassle from anybody, nobody asking for tips. Everything is OK, nobody on powertrips, good spoken english by all staff. You couldn't be more happier.

Title: Re: amritsar airport
Post by PunjabiMunda on 07. Mar 2006 at 12:22

WOW!!! At last a good review of Amritsar International Airport!!

:) :) :)

Title: Re: amritsar airport
Post by musafir on 12. Mar 2006 at 20:42

what does the new departure terminal look like? go in more detail, like facilities , airbridges, check in desks, etc

Please let me know ASAP because its very urgent to me. cant wait

Title: Re: amritsar airport
Post by jat(Guest) on 13. Mar 2006 at 11:23

departure terminal is small, room for about 400 people, nice cosy seats. You see the dep. lounge on arrival. There are about 6/7 check in desks when you arrive. Once off the plane, you get the bus to the terminal which is about 50 yards away.  You enter the terminal, form a queue and at the head of the queue there is an assistant who watches the desks and when 1 is free, you get directed to the desk. A quick check is done on your passport and the you proceed and get your suitcases, a few feet away. Put your suitcases on the available trolleys (100's of them) proceed a few yards where you will be stopped and the stickers which have been put on your suitcases at birmingham will be taken off, as well as the ones which were put on your passport(s) at birmingham, you will also have to hand in a small slip which will be handed to you at the check in desk. No matter how many people there is in your group you only get 1 slip for the whole group, make sure you are aware who has the slip without this you will not be allowed to take your suitcases out of the airport.  Then you just walk out.

The whole check-in procedure, plus getting your luggage should take approx 10/15 mins. once you are at the front of the queue.

There are no people who will ask for tips or offer to help just to get tips. There are no beggars, nobody giving you hassle, just ordinary folk doing their jobs. [b]Absolute fantastic start to the holiday.

On the way back, you enter the departure terminal, your tickets and passports are checked, suitcases have a security band put round them, hand baggage is scanned, you proceed to check -in when passports have to be shown again, you walk through to check in, there about 6/7 desks where you hand in your tickets, get your boarding passes and a form is given to each group member which you need to fill in(passport/visa/flight details approx takes 1 min. to fill in) you the go and sit down in the lounge. Watch the board and listen out for annoucement. Because it is a small airport I think the departure lounge only has people for that particular flight. ( Do not arrive at airport more than 3 hours before your check in time because they won't let you into departures) I arrived at 3am, my flight was at 5.45am, no queuing just followed procedure and was in the dep. lounge in approx 15 mins. Did not really see what facilities were available apart from duty free shop.  Cannot wait to go back, hopefully next year. Any more info. you want. What I must say, is that we boarded the plane 1 hour before take-off, but the plane still left at the correct time.

Title: Re: amritsar airport
Post by musafir on 13. Mar 2006 at 22:01

Upgrade facilities at Amritsar airport, says M.S. Gill
Prabhjot Singh
Tribune news service

Chandigarh, March 13
"There is an urgent need to upgrade infrastructure at Amritsar International Airport," says Mr Manohar Singh Gill, MP, maintaining that “it could serve as a gateway to the Western world, maximising its trade and business potential”.

Talking to The Tribune on the telephone today, Mr Gill said he was not satisfied with the Rs 80 crore upgradation and renovation plan of the existing airport. “If there could be Rs 4,000 crore each for the expansion plans for Mumbai, Delhi and other airports, then why not Rs 800 crore for Amritsar airport? Unlike other parts of India, there is only one international hub for both passenger and cargo traffic in the North, i.e. Delhi. And if Amritsar is developed as the second cargo centre in North India, it will give a great boost to the economy, benefitting not only farmers and industrialists of Punjab but also of neighbouring Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir,” said Mr Gill maintaining that he would continue to raise the issue both in Parliament and the Consultative Committee of Parliament on civil aviation.

Mr Gill said the facilities at Amritsar airport needed to be upgraded. The number of Customs and Immigration clearance counters needed to be increased. More baggage conveyor belts needed to be provided for the speedy clearance of deboarding passengers.

Progress on the upgradation of facilities had been very slow. “I suggested that the Prime Minister should inaugurate the new expanded airport in Amritsar later this year,” Mr Gill added.

He said that other than international connectivity, it was also important that Amritsar was served well on the domestic sector also. “There is an urgent need to connect Amritsar with cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai to give a fillip to trade, business and industry,” said Mr Gill hoping that both Jet Airways and Kingfisher would soon bring Amritsar on their air map.

Mr Gill said the Delhi-Amritsar-Birmingham-Toronto flight would soon become a daily flight. "I have already taken up the matter with the Union Civil Aviation Minister, Mr Prafulla Patel, for better connectivity of Amritsar. There is an urgent need to connect Amritsar with New York and Vancouver besides London.

“I am hopeful that Jet Airways will start its Amritsar-London flight soon. Air- India would do well to introduce a flight from Delhi to London for onward connectivity to Toronto. Besides, there should be a direct flight from Amritsar to Toronto as the number of passengers deboarding at or boarding from Birmingham is very small. If Air Canada can fly direct from Delhi to Toronto, then why not Air-India?

“I also requested the Civil Aviation Minister to consider asking Air Canada to shift its Delhi-Toronto operations to Amritsar as most of the passengers utilising this service are from Punjab. Similarly, British Airways could also be persuaded to start operations from Amritsar," Mr Gill added.

Title: Re: amritsar airport
Post by musafir(Guest) on 13. Apr 2006 at 22:08

IAF to shift station from Rajasansi
Varinder Walia and Ashok Sethi

A view of the newly built arrival and departure lounge at the Rajasansi airport in Amritsar. — A Tribune photograph
Rajasansi (Amritsar), April 13
To develop Rajasansi international airport as a maintenance hub for aircraft and to meet the requirements of flight operations by 2020, the IAF has reportedly given its tacit approval to the Airport Authority of India (AAI) to shift its station from the airport complex to an appropriate site.

At present the AAI has 1,050 acres available at this airport, of which almost 600 to 700 acres is in possession of the IAF. The same cannot be available for the development of passenger facilities to the AAI even as passenger traffic has substantially grown from mere 30,000 in 1999 to 4.30 lakh these days.

“With the present available land it is impossible to accommodate all facilities, including additional runway, parallel taxi track, additional terminal, more parking stands for the aircraft and passenger facilities as well”, says Mr V.S.Mulekar, Director, airport.

He, however, claimed that with the shifting of the officers’ residential complex, signal centre and other operational offices belonging to the IAF, approximately 40 acres will be additionally available with the AAI for construction of parking, etc. He said the IAF in a dramatic shift offered to vacate certain areas in their possession on the request of AAI in a meeting held in New Delhi recently.

The AAI authorities have earmarked Rs 7.5 crore for partially shifting airport facilities, which is expected to be completed by the year-end. It is, however, estimated that about Rs 45 crore are required for completely shifting the IAF wing.  

Title: Re: amritsar airport
Post by musafir(Guest) on 19. Apr 2006 at 14:37

Rajasansi Airport needs better infrastructure

PTI[ WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 2006 06:06:07 PM]

AMRITSAR: Absence of basic infrastructure at Rajasansi International Airport in Punjab, which has recorded sharp increase in traffic, is giving passengers a tough time.
With 47 flights landing every week, Amritsar International Airport (AIA) has registered a record increase of 88.5 per cent in international air passenger traffic in the last three years but operations on another 50 flights are on hold due to lack of infrastructure.
"The GDP of any country is directly proportional to the growth of airport. So, there is dire need for the development of Rajasansi airport. As 40 per cent of international air passenger traffic at New Delhi are from Punjab, a part of Delhi's workload can be borne by this airport, if fully developed as per the international airport standards," Airport Director V S Mulekar said.
The state needs to assign atleast 1,000 acres of land for expansion of airport, keeping in view the significant increase in traffic, he said.
"State government should make a comprehensive and immediate plan to acquire land around the Airport for its expansion. While doing so traffic projections for the next 20 years should be taken into account," he said.
"Delay in acquisition of land could encourage private coloniser to erect commercial plazas around the Airport. There is a need to infuse about Rs 1,000 crores immediately to upgrade and expand AIA," Mulekar said.
Renovation project of arrival and departure lounges was four years behind schedule and there was a need for construction and maintenance of aircraft hangars and a parallel runaway to cater to increased air traffic, he said.

Title: Re: amritsar airport
Post by Davinder Singh(Guest) on 21. Apr 2006 at 10:13

Aviation Minister not keeping promises, says M.S.Gill
Prabhjot Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 20
The Union Civil Aviation Minister, Mr Praful Patel, has not kept the promises he made for upgrading Amritsar international airport as well as introducing more passenger flights from there for the convenience of Punjabis, rues Mr Manohar Singh Gill, MP.

While new international flights have been introduced from Nagpur and Pune, the Civil Aviation Ministry failed to start an Air-India flight from Amritsar to the Middle East in April. Likewise, Mr Gill alleged, Jet Airways had not been able to start its proposed Amritsar-London flight so far. Little had been done to implement other demands conceded by the Ministry, including direct flights from Amritsar to Toronto and Vancouver, some months ago.

Talking to The Tribune, Mr Gill, a former Chief Election Commissioner and now a member of the Rajya Sabha from Punjab, said that while other cities were being given special treatment, Punjab’s only international airport in Amritsar was being denied its due.

“I have had several meetings both with the Union Civil Aviation Minister and senior officials in the ministry. They made many promises. But now at the end of April, when most of the agreed demands were to be implemented, I find nothing on the ground,” alleged Mr Gill.

“I have nothing against expansion and the introduction of new flights from other states, but at the same time Punjab should be given its due,” he added.

“In December, I had written a letter to the Union Defence Minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, suggesting the removal of some old Army barracks from the precincts of Amritsar airport. The Airport Authority of India had offered not only to relocate these barracks but also undertake their construction and hand these over to the Army.

“The Ministry of Defence has done nothing so far. I am going to raise the issue when Parliament starts its session again next month. I am going to argue why the liberal treatment given to other states should not be extended to Punjab in the aviation sector. Amritsar continues to be badly connected. New flights cannot be introduced because of the lack of adequate infrastructure and facilities,” added Mr Gill.

Many international air carriers were eyeing Amritsar as a potential destination, but because of the lack of the required response from both the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Airport Authority, progress had been negligible.

Amritsar airport recorded the highest growth (82.5 per cent) in passenger traffic in the country last year. Among various air carriers waiting for permission to introduce international flights from Amritsar is Jet Airways. From May 1, Air-India is going to double the frequency of its Delhi-Amritsar-Birmingham-Toronto flight to six days a week.

Title: Re: amritsar airport
Post by musafir on 12. Jul 2006 at 22:33

can anyone please tell me what the departure terminal hall of amritsar airport airport looks like. does it looks like delhi or mumbai, where its all white walls and floor and yellow boards with english and hindi on in, like immigration, customs, gates??

roughly how many borading gates does amritsar airport have? are they air-bridges or just like the old terminal - one door on the ground floor??

please include as much as detail as you can

can someone take some pictures from inside - either arrival or departure terminal? or if u have it please post them so that everyone can see them, for those who havent seen it at all.


Please dont be offended of what ive just said out now

Title: Re: amritsar airport
Post by Davinder Singh on 17. Sep 2006 at 10:08

How is theconstruction work going on the second pahse of Amritsar airport?

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