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Message started by ravisingh on 29. Jul 2006 at 21:38

Title: delhi/amritsar
Post by ravisingh on 29. Jul 2006 at 21:38

Hi everybody,  I need some advice and opinions on my up coming trip to India.  Primarily Delhi and Amritsar.

My wife and 2 kids (ages 3 and 5) will be ariving in Delhi via Continental airline and would expect to leave Delhi Airport at about 11:00pm.  Next day we plan to take an Indian Airlines flight to Amritsar.  That flight is scheduled to depart at 5:30pm.

My questions are as follows:

1.  Since we are traveling with small children, we would like to make this trip not too hard on the kids.   Is Indian Airlines the only airline that connects Delhi and Amritsar?   I have checked Jet and Sahara and found that they do not fly that route.

2.  Since we would be staying in Delhi one night, is there any hotel anyone can recomend.  We are looking for something safe and economical?  How about booking experience via Expedia?   Is the booking reliable and without any surprises?

3.  How are Indian Airlines schedules?  Do they stick to them?

4.   Are there any practical places to visit in Delhi?

I appreciate all respones

Title: Re: delhi/amritsar
Post by PunjabiMunda on 30. Jul 2006 at 00:11

Hi Ravi

Have you tried Air Deccan? They fly from Delhi to Amritsar twice a day.  I havent tried them yet but Ive booked to fly with them next month from Delhi to Amritsar.  You can book online on their website at .  There prices are very reasonable compared to Indian Airlines but Air Deccan is a budget airline, which means you do pay for food on board and so forth.

Theres quite a lot to do in Delhi Ive heard and the accomandation varies from budget hotels to 5*.  The best thing I would do is look at the Indian tourism website.  Its full of ideas and has a list of travel agents in India which you can contact and make hotel bookings with.  Ive been told by the tourist office that the ones listed on the website are safe to use, as in they will not con you out of money! The website is

Hope that all helps!!!! Have a brilliant time in India!! Please write back to tell us how it went!!  ::)

Title: Re: delhi/amritsar
Post by ravisingh on 30. Jul 2006 at 13:06

I checked out Air Deacan and found that their prices are good.    They have a checkin luggage limit of 15kg per person.    Since we are coming from Toronto, we are likely to have about 40kg per person.   They will charge  Rs 70 per kg (each way).   I will need to determine how much weight we are likely to have before making a decision.   Thanks for your help


Title: Re: delhi/amritsar
Post by Davinder Singh on 30. Jul 2006 at 17:18

Have you looked into Singapore Airlines? they fly from many North American cities and then connect at Singapore with a direct flight to Amritsar.

Title: Re: delhi/amritsar
Post by Harpreet on 31. Jul 2006 at 15:32

Dear Ravi,

1. Indian Airlines will stick with timings but you never know about flight timings. Even Singapore airlines cann't assure u about them. So they are as reliable as any other airlines. It is Indian not Indian Airlines !!!

2. Deccan, good if u r travelling without luggauge. Bad reputation for services but again budget airlines like easyjet of UK and Ryan air of Europe are having bad reputation. People use them for economical reasons. Not suitable to fly as a connecting flight along with international flight.

3. Expedia is very reliable. I have used that for booking hotels in Europe and Arab and they are excellent. I always book flights with them. Little expensibe but much better than thieves like (owned and run by our own Indians from UK).

4. Air India flies from Delhi to Amritsar at around 3 am. So please check with them. If u land in Delhi at around 11 pm it should be best suited for you or your kids.

Hope this will help.

Guru Fateh

Title: Re: delhi/amritsar
Post by ravisingh on 01. Aug 2006 at 15:52

Thanks for the respones.....

We chose Continental Airlines becase they have a seat sale right now.
From Toronto to Delhi.  it is $1200 Canadian/person.  That is much less than Air India to Amritsar (which is about $1650 Canadian)
Since we are 4 persons going its ($4800).   We felt since we are saving a fair bit here, we should try to go to Amritsar via local flight.   From Indian Airlines,  I found that the 4 of us can travel for $640 Canadian.    For a total of $5440.   Seems pretty good now.  That's the incentive to look into the Delhi trip.

Will let everyone know how it goes.....


Title: Re: delhi/amritsar
Post by musafir on 02. Aug 2006 at 22:20

In order to start Amritsar-London flights, Jet Airways will launch a special flight from Delhi every Friday and return back on Mondays.

Here is the schedule :
AMRITSAR      DELHI            9W730      1      1335      1435      07/08/2006      23/10/2006

DELHI      AMRITSAR            9W729      5      1140      1240      04/08/2006      27/10/2006

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