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Message started by Harpreet on 31. Jul 2006 at 15:56

Post by Harpreet on 31. Jul 2006 at 15:56

Dear All,

I am writing this review after not getting any response from Southall travel ( for 10 days. I have booked a return seat from Edinburgh to Bangalore (ref no. MVNPEH). After booking the seat I was asked by Depali (employee of the company, contact no. 0044 208 843 6795) to pay directly in their account as they canít accept cards of person who is not travelling. Since it was Friday I promised to deposit the amount by Monday. On Monday I got a call from Depali warning that if I fail to deposit the amount my booking will be cancelled. That was at 9:10 am. Actually their website showed £300 return and she said seats not available so charged £303. Well the amount was paid by 9:15 on Monday (3 July 2006) into their Barclayís account. Now like other customers we started waiting for tickets (e-tickets) as promised to be emailed as soon as payment is confirmed. A call at around 0930 confirmed the payment as well. After 24 hrs we were called and told that they had system error so please pay extra £93 if we want tickets. Now this was not the first instance. I have faced similar problems on two more counts earlier but I got carried over by such a cheap offer (I think all students look for cheap tickets to travel back home).

I asked them to return the cash paid to them and it took 7 days for them to actually respond despite calling everyday. I was kept on hold for upto 10 mins without even informing me why I was put on hold (ask Deepali as she never bothered to say I am putting you on hold). Finally some one told me after 9 days that my cheque number is xxxxx and it will reach within 48 hrs. I have to call again and again, it took 7 days for them to actually post the cheque!!  I was told that it was a system error but I have made several proxy bookings on their website for £303 and even today (30th July 2006) when I tried to book it was £300.

Why they are not changing the airfare to actual ones. Why donít they inform customers before asking for payment that fares may change? How can they change fares after amount is paid? Why customer assts are not bothered to call back to inform what is happening with my refund? I have asked them to name their manager or CEO but they refuse saying we canít tell name of our company officials to customers? Well customers are paying money and they have all rights to know who is operating this company.

Please avoid booking with them. If anyone from Southall is reading this message please ask your managers to contact me as soon as possible. I have already initiated the legal action against them. I want to speak with higher officials directly.

Post by Harpreet on 23. Aug 2006 at 18:57

They offered OPEN return ticket to my friend for Mumbai from Heathrow in BA, but on ticket return date was already printed. Customer services agent said date can be changed free of charge and date printed is just  tentaive.

When this person tried to book return flight from Mumbai, BA informed that NO TRAVEL AGENT can issue open return tickets in their behalf. Tickets booked ONLY through BA are open return.

Southall is still issuing open return tickets so be warned.

Post by Ted on 24. Aug 2006 at 23:30

I had quite a few problems with Southall Travel myself. Initially, they informed me I could book if the card holder wasn't travelling, then after taking the payment they said that the card cannot be used as the card holder was not travelling!

Anyway, that all got sorted, eventually. Then I had to return one ticket as one of the passengers could not travel. It took several months of calls and according to Southall Travel they sent a refund cheque three times. I eventually got my refund cheque, after two had been sent to someone else!

Although the prices are slightly better with Southall Travel, your better off going to your local Indian Travel Agent, for instance on Soho Road if your in Birmingham or of course Amritsar Travel, pay the extra five pounds or so and have that extra security for your bookings to Amritsar.

As for booking BA flights, best to book directly on

Post by khalsa007 on 19. Sep 2006 at 12:37

Hi Harpreet,

If you want to know the owners of Southall Travel Limited

Try the following
It will cost you a £1.00. I remember a similar thing happened to me with a different compay
I got the details of owners and their registered office. With that information they sorted me out fast

If you have problems letme know I can pop into Southall travels for you, as I go past them once a week.

:) HB [smiley=cheesy.gif]

Post by kotewala on 28. Sep 2006 at 18:45

why not report them to southall trading standards if they are not providing the service expected of them. They also use a 0870 number which is very expensive.

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