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Message started by TJ on 19. Sep 2006 at 22:17

Title: My Pilgrimage to Amritsar
Post by TJ on 19. Sep 2006 at 22:17

Saat Sri Akaal everyone,

Hope you are all well. I will be visiting Amritsar and will be staying the Le Golden Hotel between 15th-24 October 2006. I will be travelling on my own which I am pretty nervous about but yet looking foward to it so I can have some lone time and thinking time. Was wondering if anyone was going to be in Amritsar during the same dates above from the UK.

Also just wanted to know what are the best ways to meditate at the Golden Temple, I really want to embrace my visit and enhance my learning on Sikhism.  Also should I be careful of anything in Amritsar?



Title: Re: My Pilgrimage to Amritsar
Post by sidney on 20. Sep 2006 at 07:58

Sat Sri Akaal,

TJ, I have just come back from Amritsar - an amazing experience. I would suggest you go to Sri Harmandir Sahib as early as possible in the morning or very late in the day to evening to avoid the rush so you can meditate in peace. I went there around 8.00am and it is not too hot and it was surprisingly quiet. Try and go there during a week day such as Monday morning.

My only other advise is to allow plenty of time. You need time for your mind to absorb this amazing tranquil atmosphere - I saw so many people just rushing around as if it was a "tick the box" tourist place. Also if you can take a towel and have some shorts and bathe in the holy nector. It is peaceful and calm.

Hope this helps. Here are some pictures I took:

The Young Sikh

and this seems to be the idea place to meditate.

The walkway....

Washing away your sins....

On Guard...

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