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Title: Happy Diwali
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Happy Diwali to all our Members!


The festival of Diwali for the Sikh community,
historically holds special significance, as the event
marks their liberation from the Mughal oppression.

Travelling back in time to the Gwalior Fort in the
17th century during the reign of Mughal Emperor
Jehangir, the Sikhs were a severely persecuted race.
Their leader, Guru Hargobind, was in prison and the
community looked towards him to show them the way out.

He devised a unique way to get himself and a number of
other imprisoned kings released too. That act was
called Bandi Chhor. The Mughal emperor had said in his
order that only those kings who could hold on to the
tunic of Guru Hargobind would be freed with him.

Guru Hargobind had a special tunic stitched with 52
frills and came forth from the prison with 52 kings
holding on to them. From Gwalior he proceeded to
Amritsar, arriving there on the day that Diwali is now

Since then, year after year, this day is celebrated
with religious fervor and celebratory embraces,
especially at the magnificent Golden Temple in Panjab
India, the main spiritual shrine of the Sikhs.

Thousands turn out for special prayers, contributing
their own little lamp to the bright light, holding
aloft a warm spirit of joyful enthusiasm mixed with
religious obeisance. Each light, each diya (clay
lamp), is symbolic of the freedom of the Sikhs,
freedom of the mind to break out of any prison as the
Guru did.

The continuous chanting of hymns within the shrine,
the community kitchen, the religious seminars, the
festive air of love is there for all mankind to see
and cherish.

It is an age-old tradition, that on Diwali day, there
is a congregation at the Golden Temple in Amritsar,
attended by Sikhs from around the world. There are
three days that are most important to the Sikhs
worldwide - Vaisakhi, Diwali, Guru Nanaks Gurpurab
(Birthday) [ch8211] Founder of Sikhism

Lighting up life, acquiring divine knowledge, being
selfless, tolerant, humble and kind - that is the
message of the Guru Granth Sahib for this auspicious
occasion. For the rest, the glamour associated with
the event and brilliance of the fireworks display is
quite a sight.

Bhai Mani Singh Dulat transcribed the final version of
the Guru Granth Sahib upon dictation from Guru Gobind
Singh Ji in 1704, he took charge of Harmandir Sahib's
management and in 1737, invitations were sent to Sikhs
accross India to join Sikh Diwali celebrations at
Harmandir Sahib. A tax of 5000 rupees had to be paid
to the Mogul governor of Punjab, Zakariya Khan. Bhai
Mani Singh Ji later discovered the secret plan of
Zakariya Khan to kill the Sikhs during the gathering.
Bhai Mani Singh Ji immediately sent message to all the
Sikhs not to turn up for the celebrations. Zakariya
Khan was not happy about this and he ordered Bhai Mani
Singh's execution at Lahore by ruthlessly cutting him
limb-by-limb to death. The great sacrifice & devotion
of Bhai Mani Singh Ji is remembered during the Sikh
Diwali celebrations.

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