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Message started by Admin on 08. Mar 2009 at 17:10

Title: Amritsar  Businesses
Post by Admin on 08. Mar 2009 at 17:10

name = Shivi Tandon
location = Amritsar
description = i have had a few discussions on different occassions with Mr. Ashok Sethi (Tribune) he mentioned about this site to me and we are starting to work towards making amritsar a destination to promote amritsar and its surrounding areas for their heritage and traditional values which is all mentioned in your web and still there r enough of us who are not aware of its exsistance.. we have been in the food industry since 1965 by the name of Napoli Restaurant... Amritsar is loosing its charm and feel the new generations will not even know what amritsar and its surrounding have to offer. we have students from the US and other parts of the world coming to Amritsar to learn all about sikhism where as our local youth is far from it all... my whole idea behind working on this portal is to promote amritsar as a destination and seek help from the central govt. to fund and help us promote and try and get a tax free bonus for new industries to be set up around amritsar. promotion of Gurdwaras around amritsar, heritage properties, eco tourism, temples, the wetlands in and around amritsar like Harike, Kanjli etc... i have through mail got hold of some pictures of golden temple etc through mail which are dated back to 1946... i don't know how to go about it but i if i have someone who can tell me what to do i sure can follow... hope to hear from u soon... Thnx

Title: Re: Amritsar Businesses
Post by Admin on 08. Mar 2009 at 17:12

Dear Mr Sethi,

Thank you for your email.

You are correct in your understanding - Amritsar Portal does aim to promote Amritsar and its businesses.

We are offering Amritsar Businesses free promotion on Amritsar Portal. To register your business Napoli Restaurant for free, go to I will ensure you get a gold account for free and we will promote your restaurant.

You can mention this free Amritsar Pages directory to your colleagues and associates as well and they can register for free.

In addition why not register on our discussion forum. Go to I have added your email to the discussion forum.

We are interested in all old and new material around of Amritsar City. Please email us all your pictures and we will put them on Amritsar Portal so the whole world can view the material.

I hope this helps.



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