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04. Jul 2020 at 01:15
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One day....... (Read 4599 times)
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One day.......
10. Mar 2004 at 17:09
"...One day your heart will take you to your lover.  
One day your soul will carry you to your Beloved.  
Donít get lost in your pain,  
Know that one day your pain will be your cure.
I canít pretend to be a lion able to conquer the enemy,  
To master myself would be enough.  
I am only the dust on my Loverís path  
and from dust I will rise and turn into a flower.
Dark like the night I mourn and hold the pain of love inside me.  
But bright like the Moon I will rise from the darkness  
For I have seen the source of light and being a child  
Whose tutor is love I will not grow up ignorant.  
I will rise like a flame out loveís fire and become infinite like love.  
When I reach my end, play the music  
that will lift me up to Spirit..."  
Rumi-Hidden Music,translated by Maryam Mafi and Azima Melita Kolin
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