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23. Mar 2005 at 07:55
Subject: complaint against MIDLAND AIRWAYS    
Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing this letter on behalf of all the passengers who traveled on Midland Airways flight no. 6Q-304 which was suppose to leave from Amritsar Airport on 2nd January 2005.The flight was cancelled and passengers were not informed .We reached at the Amritsar airport 11.00am on 2nd January 2005 and came to know that flight is cancelled. We ring the Jullundur office (Gurminder Singh). He told over the phone flight is cancelled and go back home and come tomorrow. We ask for hotel accommodation but he refused. So we call the news paper reporter from PUNJAB KESARI. Then we were assured by Mr. Gurminder Singh that flight will go tomorrow 3.1.05 at 2.00pm and a letter will be given for delay/cancellation of flight. On 3rd January 2005 reached at the airport no letter was given and the flight left 8.30pm. We had such a bad experience and unnecessary harassment. I wrote to Midland Airways for compensation but no reply so I request your kind honor to put this to the right authority and find the solution to the following problems with the Airways.
1.   How to get the compensation in this situation.
2.   When the flight is cancelled are the passengers have the right to ask for accommodation.
3.   When the flights are advertised Direct Flight on the Radio or in the news papers, while it is not direct flight. What should you do in this case?
4.   How many times your passengers have to confirm flight.
5.   When the flight is cancelled, who is responsible to issue letter to the passengers for the delay or cancellation of the flight.
6.   If your baggage is lost /damaged how to claim for that (reference letter from Mrs. Jagiro Hans)
7.   If they charge you for the First Class, while there is no First Class on the flight. (Mr.G.S Dhindsa .Tel.02476^66128)
8.   9 Seats were confirmed. Came on the Amritsar airport at the time for check in. They said 7 seats are confirmed not nine. Then we have to pay £100 to the air line on the counter. (Mr.Mandhir Singh. Tel.01332-510440 )
9.   In die waiting hall at Amritsar airport who is responsible for providing STD (Telephone) facilities.
10. There was no milk for the kids in the waiting hall at Amritsar airport.
11. Families were not given seats together
12. Even though you got insurance cover. But can't claim because you have not got
letter from the air line. What should we do in this case?
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YaBB Newbies

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Reply #1 - 03. May 2005 at 04:06
My family and I have had so many problems on Midland Airways.  It was the worst flight experience of my life and it seems that thereís lots more people like us out there with the same experiences.  
Iíve been speaking to my travel agent about what we could do about this problem and he tells me that all tickets sold for Midland Airways flights were protected by ATOL number 4420 which belongs to a company called PAYLESS TRAVEL LTD.  Payless Travelís address is 60 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 2EW.  This is the same as Midland Airwaysís London address and Iím guessing that the companies must be related or that one must be the sister company of the other.  Payless Travel has a website at www.paylesstravel.co.uk and its contact details are
Tel:       0870 747 9012 / 0207 436 5319 / 0207 436 9009
Fax:      0870 747 9013 / 0207 436 9010
Email:   info@paylesstravel.co.uk
My agent seemed sure that this ATOL protection was in place and said that he wouldnít have even considered selling Midland Airways tickets without it. Apparently, all charter flights must be protected by ATOL and Midland Airways gave the Civil Aviation Authority a bond so that itís passengers would be protected.  He said that the CAA knows that Midland Airways flights were protected by Payless Travelís ATOL number.  He also said that all travel agents he knew selling Midland Airways tickets know about this ATOL protection and only sold tickets because this ATOL protection was in place.   Itís Payless Travel we should be contacting to get our refunds and our compensation.
I hope that is of help.  Good luck to you all and letís hope that thereíll be some good news for us.
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Gurpreet Singh

Reply #2 - 21. Oct 2005 at 00:14
"all new improved" successor to Midland Airways 19/10/05    
Well after the failure of the previous Midland Airways operations with the 767-200, an all new and improved successor to Midland Airways is coming this Friday 21st October 2005...
The inaugural United European service from Birmingham to Amritsar is now planned to be operated by a Blue Air (of Romania) 737-500 which is currently "planned" to depart Birmingham at 20:00 this coming Friday. At this stage this is a one off flight, there is no return sector as this is the first flight of the season pending the acquisition by United European of their own aircraft.
The airline had previously announced this service to be operated with an A321. Please note that the above information is only planned and things could change.  
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