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Hiya, Visitors to Amritsar (Read 5574 times)
Mark Bibby

Hiya, Visitors to Amritsar
17. Jul 2005 at 22:04
I'm not a Sikh, but I honestly respect Sikh believe and tradition.  I would like to visit Amritsar for a holiday and would welcome any advice on places to visit and accommodation (I have looked on the net and Mrs. Bhandari's looks like a good place to stay).
What I really need to know is whether or not an Englishman would be welcome in Amritsar and is the Punjab a safe place to visit just now for someone from the UK?
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Mandy Nicholls

Re: Hiya, Visitors to Amritsar
Reply #1 - 02. Aug 2005 at 22:56
Firstly, please don't think of India as a holiday resort. It is a land rich with experiences you will not find anywhere else in the world. Believe me I've been 3 times and always come back exhausted, exhilerated and a different person Smiley
I have visited the Golden Temple and can tell you it is one of the most welcoming places on the planet. As soon as my husband and I arrived we were 'adopted' by a lovely gentleman who took us on a tour and told us all about the history of the Temple. (please remember to dress modestly and cover your head after removing your shoes and washing your feet in the pool by the shoe store)
This time (I arrive on Sun 7th Aug 2am!!) I will be travelling with a female companion and we intend to stay at the guest house attached to the Temple.  So far I have been unable to contact them to reserve a place but I am confident that when we arrive we will be made welcome.
I have also stayed at Mrs Bhandari's Guest House and would recommend it as an oasis of calm and green in the bussle of this busy dusty city. It's a bit of a treck if you take a cycle rickshaw but great to watch all the traffic (elephants, cows etc).
Last time we also went to the Pakistan border and watched a fantastic changing of the guard but I've been advised two girls probably shouldn't go alone Sad
Promise me one thing, you won't leave India without seeing the Taj Mahal - believe me you will remember it for the rest of your life!
India is my passion, if you have any other questions whilst I'm no expert I would like to help Smiley
Good luck and I hope you fall in love with the place and the people too,
Kind regards
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YaBB Newbies

I love being a
member of Amritsar

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Re: Hiya, Visitors to Amritsar
Reply #2 - 02. Apr 2006 at 01:07
Hi There,
   Well u are very welcome to Our Holy City amritsar.As long as  as u are nice to ppl.. ppl will be very nice to you.Pppl in amritsar are very very helping.Amritsar is a very safe city but exceotions are always there so be very careful.Good Luck and Hope u enjoy ur stay in Our Country.
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