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13. Jul 2020 at 22:30
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Spiritual Bliss.... (Read 5867 times)
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Spiritual Bliss....
14. Oct 2005 at 22:29
Amritsar Paath
Listen to the Ambrosia Nectar, to lift your spirit, wash away all pain and suffering and bring peace, tranquility and harmony to your soul....

Gian Dhian Kichh Karam Na Jana  Sar Na Jana Teri  Sabb Tey Vada Satgur Nanak  Jin Kai Rakhi Meri.  
I know no Gian (Divine Knowledge), Dhian (Meditation) and Karma philosophy (virtuous deeds). I do not know your true greatness. But I know one thing that my Satguru (True Guru) Nanak is the Greatest of all who protects me in this Dark Age.  
Listen and meditate to Paath: www.amritsar.org
Asa di Var - the Immortal Battle of Hope : www.amritsar.org/asadivar.shtml
Sukhmani Sahib - The Psalm of Serenity and tranquility : www.amritsar.org/sukhmanisahib.shtml
Anand Sahib - Sikh Prayer of Bliss: www.amritsar.org/anandsahib.shtml
Japji Sahib - the prayer for dawn : www.amritsar.org/japjisahib.shtml
Raehraas Sahib - the evening prayer : www.amritsar.org/raehraassahib.shtml
Kirtan Sohila - the prayer for dusk: www.amritsar.org/kirtansohila.shtml
Bhagat Kabir Sholaks - the wisdom of ages: www.amritsar.org/kabir.shtml
Sheikh Farid Sholaks - Peace and Harmony:www.amritsar.org/farid.shtml
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Gian Dhian Kichh Karam Na Jana, Sar Na Jana Teri. Sabb Tey Vada Satgur Nanak, Jin Kai Rakhi Meri
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Harpreet singh

Re: Amritsar Paath
Reply #1 - 15. Oct 2005 at 01:13
Thanks Admin for this sewa.  
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