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15. Jul 2020 at 12:15
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Air India Lost my Limited Release Checked in bag (Read 3833 times)
Bobby Singh

Air India Lost my Limited Release Checked in bag
28. Oct 2005 at 05:40
I recently flew to Asr to bring my mom back to US. Unfortunately the airline happened to be Air India. Had nothing but problems and the most uncomfortable 18 hours ride on their 35 year old  (leased from korea)... 747. Seat as high as your neck... no entertainment and the whole plane shook like a 10 seater prop plane.
But here's the kicker... I purchased a Rs 25000 Chandelier which had 100 Swarowsky Crystals. I packed them in my had bag for safety.  
I paid $80 for extra weight of my bag. When I went to  security, they plain refused me to let it be carried on the plane. Those el stupidos held me there for 45 minutes. Then they said I will have to remove it from my bag as they are security risk ... HOW? is what they couldnt tell me.
Anyways I agreed to have them checked in... (what other choice i had... ask for a manager... hunh).... they gave me a tag... but guess what ... upon reaching NY... the AirIndia could not trace the package.  
Its been  a week and I dont have a clue what happened to my Rs 25000. No insurance either since they were limited release check in (is what i am told).
Being an Amritsaria... I was proud of the new Airport... but NEVER AGAIN will I fly to that airport NOR would I fly stinking Air India. Only exception as some suggested here ... is flying your old parent/s alone as there are lot of Punjabi/Desi passengers.
I like to patronize Indian airlines but they are not worth it. Attitude of the flight attendents is another big issue.  
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