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13. Jul 2020 at 18:56
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Map of the Bhagats in India (Read 6096 times)
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Map of the Bhagats in India
09. Feb 2006 at 10:07
Could some one send me a map of all the Bhagats of India please?
I understand no Bhagats were born in the South India.  Is it true?
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Re: Map of the Bhagats in India
Reply #1 - 09. Feb 2006 at 16:30
Shame for such a comment. This indicates that you have not studied history properly or u r not directly linked to India.  
Rani Chinamma, Tipu Sultan (his swords are present in London and Edinburgh museums) and he was called Tiger of Mysore, his father, Shivaji and lot more were from South India.
Even in last 50 years, most successful people in all fields are from south. If you want check databases for PMs, Presidents, Chiefs or armed forces, scientists including noble laurettes and u will see that.
North India specially Punjab and East India (West Bengal) has produced most of those freedom fighters. But we need more people like them in India even now.. Most of our Bhagats from Punjab are in west now searching for their own freedom and identity (ABCD and BBCDs).  
I hope u atleast know south Indian states along with their capitals and languages.. otherwise you will they don't even speak !!!!
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