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13. Jul 2020 at 03:15
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Business Opportunities Amritsar-London (Read 7939 times)
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Business Opportunities Amritsar-London
08. May 2006 at 19:15
I am an ex-Amritsari, living and working in London and am looking for business opportunies for trade, particularly in the cottage industries in and around Amritsar. If anyone is interested in working on a business venture from the ground up, please get in touch with me.
Before any emails get fired off to me, I would like to clarify that I am NOT looking for the following:
1. Investment Opportunities.
2. Large Scale Business.
3. Representing businesses in the UK.
4. Importing material or products for sale in the UK on commission basis
5. Sending out invitations or sponsorships to persons who want to 'just explore' the market.
I WILL however be very interested in the following:
1. High quality, low quantity, high priced products, such as handicrafts
2. Custom-made or bespoke corporate marketing materials, rubber stamps, stationary, garments (uniforms)
3. Job placement services for students visiting UK on student VISAs - I do not assist with obtaining VISAs or admissions into Universities or colleges, although that is something I may explore in the near future.
4. Introduction of UK individuals seeking to buy property or properties, (commercial, farmland or residential) in Amritsar or its surrounds.
5. Semi-Precious gemstones and artificial jewelry, including gold plated copper jewelry
6. Carpets: Handknotted woollen carpets of not less than 216x216 knots per square inch or cotton handloom mats or dhurries.
7. High quality furniture.
8. Any other proposal, please email me and we can discuss it.
Although I am available at any time over the phone, my preferred method of being contacted is by Email or Instant Messenger. If you do not have internet access, business may be difficult.
I am not looking for investors or people who are willing to pump money into a venture. Whatever we do has to start small and be built up slowly to justify any investment in the future. As you may have guessed by now, this is going to be a side business run my my wife and myself and we both intend to keep doing our existing jobs at the same time. Unless of course things pick up exceptionally well and we can do this full time.
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London, United Kingdom
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