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12. Jul 2020 at 16:48
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The Best Amritsar Drink? (Read 5129 times)
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The Best Amritsar Drink?
12. May 2009 at 21:56
Amritsar, May 10 (ANI): Even though summers make life difficult people in Punjab want to move out.
To cater to them, the stalls along the roadside offer a variety of drinks which are both therapeutic and cooling.
You can choose Jalzeera, the tangy masala drink, Chusky (the ice Gola) or the all time favourite Lassi.
One can enjoy sipping the spice-mixed Jalzeera at any roadside vendor, who serves this summer drink of mint and lemon. It tastes quite delicious, as it quenches one's thirst in no time and is cheap enough-Rs.5 to 10 a glass. Also, it's usually been noticed that while undertaking long drives in sweltering heat during afternoon, there is a risk of sunstroke or even falling victim to jaundice and diarrhoea.But with wood apple juice-- a thick drink made of Wood apple, mashed with milk and sugar, one need not worry too much.Medical physicians prescribe this fruit that grows wild all over the sub-Himalayan forests and central India offering a help in situation of diarrhea and dysentery. "It's pure and also a traditional cure for jaundice and indigestion. One gets immediate relief. Even doctors recommend belgiri (Wood Apple) in place of medicines. The popularity of bael fruit is increasing by leaps and bounds," said Raj Sadosh, a resident of Abohar.
Another special item in demand is the roadside Chuski, the ice Gola, which is served as crushed ice covered with colourful and laced with sugar syrup available in various flavours.
To make it more tantalising to the customers these days the Faluda (noodles) has also been added to the ice Gola served in different flavoured sugar syrups.
Not to forget the all-favourite 'Lassi', made by blending yogurt with water, salt, and spices until frothy. One popular Lassi shop of Amritsar is Gyan Singh's Punjabi lassi, which is located in the Hathi Gate area, the shop has been functioning for 70 years. A glass of Lassi, priced about rupees 12 (30 cents), is served with butter and cream floating on the top. Gyan Singh's lassi is popular not only in Amritsar but outside the city as well. Even foreign tourists, during their visit to the city, make it a point to relish a glass of it. "Summer has already arrived and the heat wave is expected to continue. The traditional Lassi is the only remedy to keep your mind and body cool. Lassi is a healthy drink in comparison to other soft drinks available in the market. It is very popular among the wrestlers in rural Punjab and people also drink it to keep their body healthy," said one of the Lassi lovers .
"The people of earlier generation used to be very fond of milk, yogurt and lassi. And Amritsar city, is known for reasonably priced and quality food. During summer time, we often visit this part of the city as it has popular lassi shops. Though we live on the outer side of the city, but whenever we visit this area we drink lassi," said another Lassi lover. Be it young or old, an icy treat on roadsides are making summer the best season for one and all complaining about the heat. So if you are visiting Punjab don't forget to make the best of the heat. (ANI)
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