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I am not a sikh but was very interested with Amritsar and it looks like a beautiful place. It's really interesting and beautiful! A wonderful Website!
21 November 2007 - England

Sulaxn Thakur
My messege is only that "there must be a dress code for women visiting Guru Ghar or any temple as like salwar kameej or Sarhi not jeans or tops" please consider this if possible
20 November 2007

gopal sharan gagneja
may waheguru blees u all the people,u should include some ready to play shabads in media player may be mp3 format satnam waheguru
20 November 2007 - malout punjab india

I was in the year 2000 on August in Amritsar and I saw a beautiful and interessting temple. I hope I can visit him once again.
15 November 2007 - Germany - Bavaria

Dharam singh
wjkk wjk fateh
15 Nov. Nu Takhat Sachkhand sri Hazur sahib vikhe Simran Diwas Manaya Ja riha hai ji. Simran divas da matalab hai ki 2008 vich guru granth sahibnu 300 sal pure ho rahe hi ji guruta gaddi deke. Ess simran Diwas vich tusi shamil ho sakte ho ji. Sangta nu dove hat jode ke benti hai ki tusi jithe vi ho oder shami 4.30 baje to 15 minta laei mul mantar da jap karke simeran diva vich apni hajari laoji.
wjkk wjkf
13 November 2007 - Nanded, Maharashetra

harkiran kaur
thanks a lot
9 November 2007 - canada

Gurmeet Singh 1
Takhat Sachkhand Shri hajur Sahib ji vikhe Mitti 7 Nov.2007 nu Takhat Ishaan hai ji . Jo har saal di tarah is saal bhi vade dhum dhaam naal manaya jaa riyha hai ji.Is mauke te Takhat Sahib Ji de ghagria singh ate saari sangat Godavari Nadi ton Jall di ghaagar liya ke takhat sahib ji de Ishnaan karande hann Ate is vele hi Saal vich ik vaar hi saare shashtaraa de Darshan karaye jaande han .Isde duje din Takhat sahib vikhe Dipmala Manai jandi Hai.Takhat Ishnaan Ate Dipmala Diyaan Di sari duniya di Sangat nu lakh Lakh vadhai hove Ji.
7 November 2007 - Hazur Sihib Ji ,Nanded.

Binwant singh
I am a amritsari boy and this site knows bigger about amritsar than me i like it.
6 November 2007 - amritsar

satnaam kaur virdee
why is it that the mojority of ragis in darbar sahib cant understand that filmi tunes dont fit with kirtan.rags were made for a reason .not to look pretty.the amout of times that i have turned alpha on and i can hear filmi tunes is ridiculous.when will they understand. i was watching alpha this morning and there was one video that had a shabad in the tune of 'rab ne baneya joria' by shin!! but not all is bad.if you listen to bhai balbir singh's kirtan.your heart will be warmed.his kitan is soo can never get enough of it.and you can tell that he sings from his heart.
1 November 2007 - england, kent

dharminder jit singh
nice to see this site as i can listen to live kirtan from harminder sahib,wahegure bless all of us.
31 October 2007 - mid ocean in gulf of mexico,USA

gurinder iqbal singh chatha
greatest place ! love it.
30 October 2007 - usa

Tejpal singh
wjkk wjkf thnx for making this site
28 October 2007 - srrey, canada

Anil Kanoi
Planning to visit first time to Amritsar for Golden Temple and Wagha Border, Jalian wala Bagh to show my children. Very curious about this city for seeing so many Sardarji's at one time. We do not know how well this city will be.
27 October 2007 - Mumbai, India

This website is excellent. People sitting away from home like myself (US) can always check out this website when we're missing it the most! A warm thanks to the organizers. Can you add a link to send donations from anywhere though? I think it'll generate more traffic to the website and fulfill the wishes of many people who can't actually make it to Amritsar. Thanks again!
25 October 2007 - US

k singh
Nice work
25 October 2007 - Pakistan

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