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Simarjeet Singh Manocha.(punjabi_munda).
Sat Shriakal.
I really love your website.Why?Because Me, my mom, and my dad.We all listen tolive kirtan from Darbar Sahib and listen to Hukamnama.The life is very busy here in America, but we can keep in touch with this web site.My parents really like to listen to kirtan.WE REALLY LOVE IT.When ever i miss me punjab and Ludhiana I always listen to this web site.
Thank you sooooooooo much!!!
May all your wishes come true and Good luck.Keep your awsome work up.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!
14 March 2004 - America

rajiv datt
thanks sir,nice to see web from amritsar!!!!!i am in germany last 18 years but i miss every day my punjab,we are punjabisas well as all overin the world but WE MISS ALL OUR PUNJAB;AM I RIGHT?good wishes to PUNJAB!!!!!!SAT SIRI AKAL
12 March 2004 - Germany

Dr.Charanjt Singh Gumtala,
SSA.I have just visited your have done a wonderful contribution for the holy city. I have aslo gone through letters from diffirent people asking some questions.)Ours is an NGOworking for the development of Amritsar. On behalf of my members i send good wishes and hpoe it will contribute for the overall development of the holy city whcih have been neglterd by the present and fromer akali bjp governmensPl carry on your wonderful work. M ay Vahe Guru bless you.
11 March 2004 - 253 Ajit Nagar Amritsar India

Parminder Singh
Great site keep it up ALMIGHTY shall bless you!
20 February 2004 - Amritsar

Baljit Kumar
Well although I belong to Chhehrata, Amritsar, I setteled down in Delhi. Now days I am working in USA. I love and am proud to be punjabi. The essence of punjabi culture is love , affection and bravery. We punjabis are the true symbol of hard working and honesty.
12 February 2004 - Sacramento, USA

Waheguru ki Khalsa, Waheguru ki Fateh, An excellent starting point for one's spiritual journey. Keep up the good work.
28 November 2003 - Katmandu

Response from Amritsar Admin:   Spiritual Journey starts from the heart - we are just trying to help make your journey a bit easier with Amritsar Portal.

gulshan singh
This portal is not only a historic one but also an open e-book for other non punjabi communities to learn an experience about rich culture of sikhism. Thanks.
27 November 2003 - Amritsar, India

Response from Amritsar Admin:   Thank you for your kind words. We do hope it will become a world wide forum and a gateway to Sikhism for everyone.

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Please help us to maintain the Amritsar Portal community website with a donation to pay for the running cost.