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Raman Salooja
I am so happy and excited because of the live kirtan that I can listen from this site. It is a great effort and I congratulate on this success. i originally belong to amritsar and always longed for kirtan, now i can listen to it live. Thanks a lot.
23 March 2005 - B.C. Canada

harpreet singh kooner
satnam waheguru,
sadd sangat ji rab dae dase rah tae challo, ek he raho, jo under ohi bahar he hona chahi da ne k gurughar ja k wahe guru kehi jiyae tae man vich ghar da khyal hove. edia nahi hona chida. gurru ghar ja sirf rab da namm lavo ghar nu sad sarri dundina nu bhul k rab da namm lavo.
wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ke fathae
21 March 2005 - canada

gurminder singh
sat sree akal to all the near and dear ones and all the sikh families all around the world and this site has been really helpful in brnging out the latest hapenings in the sikh world.
13 March 2005 - melbourne(australia)

miss kaur
for the first time today, i have visited your website. i have recently lost my father, a very religious man. I believe he's gone to a better place, because he truly deserved it. no matter what life threw at him he never lost faith. By visiting this site, it has made me feel closer to my roots and in some way closer to my dad. i will be visiting it alot more, for guidance & thank you.
11 March 2005 - england

Umar Saeed
hi i am a pakistani and i love to see some parts of india where my forefathers lived and for that i searched this site. this is a very good site for the beginers also and keep doing well. but just tell me the simplest way to enter india. love you people.
11 March 2005 - pakistan

Avtar Singh
Excellant site, very informative and great to see the Videos. Should be a must for all and children in particular. Best Regards.
5 March 2005 - Slough, England

Manminder Johal
I really miss India and Its relegious places tears come out from my eyes when ever i remember our relegious places.I pray to god may i come back to India and visit all of there relegous places.
1 March 2005 - virginia,U.S.A

What an inspiring website with ongoing kirtan! Makes me miss India dearly--keep up the great work for everyone around the globe!
27 February 2005 - Wisconsin USA

senita kaur
I would just like to say I think this is a fantastic, inspiring and informative site. I hope it will encourage us all to have sikhi as part of our everyday lives especially those of us that live in a western society, as it is very easy to get swallowed up in the western world. The site has recently helped me to get through losing a very close family member in tragic circumstances, i have been listening to kirtan, both live and pre-recorded also listening to part, hopefully this site will play a big part in my sons life aswell. Well done for producing this site it is a sucess and may god make it flourish further.
24 February 2005 - england

Response from Amritsar Admin:   Thank you Bhenji for your kind words.We are sorry to hear about your loss and are grateful that you found comfort in listening to Kirtan and Path which often helps us cope in difficult periods of our lives.
Best wishes,Divender,Amritsar Portal Admin.

adam ford
My friend Jagz introduced me to this website.

As a musician, the range and variety of quality music has inspired me to seek out new ideas and fresh approaches to my own product. My own music is more related to ambient and sample-based styles, with a spiritual essence.

I feel the music you stream is always spiritually uplifting and you don't have to be Sikh to understand uplifting ideas. If you have any areas that you recommend for me to listen to that will give me increased motivation then you are welcome to mail me at the address below.
21 February 2005 - birmingham, uk

Response from Amritsar Admin:   Adam, what an uplifting message in itself! Thank you. All music is there for each and everyone of us to interpret and inspire in many different ways.We wish you all the best in your musical compositions.
Divender, Amritsar Portal Admin

Satvinder Kaur
WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA, WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH. I'd like to say thankyou for making this lovely site, I was born in the uk and visited India after 19yrs. I have always been close to my sikhi and find this site wonderfull.
7 February 2005 - England

Capt. Baldiv Singh Aujla
Congratulations to the Administrator and excellent effort in maintaining a current Sikh site. It has allowed me to be spritually closer to my roots - Sikhism.
Thank you very much.
6 February 2005 - Village: JABBOWAL , District: Amritsar

gurmeet singh bal
i miss the amritsar every day and my village sathiala in uk
4 February 2005 - london uk

Harbhajan Kaur
Very impressed! Recommended to me by my daughter to encourage me to use the internet more often. A well represented and planned website with a global approach in that there is a little something for everyone. Easy to access for newcomers to the world of I.T. like me! One of my favourite aspects is 'the thought of the day'- provides food for thought; I'm a great believer that like any other muscle in the body, the mind is something we should exercise every day. Anyway keep up the good work admin team.
Waheguru ji ka kalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
30 January 2005 - Handsworth Wood, Birmingham

satinder singh meet
sat shri akal to all, amritsar is a very peacefull place. nobody wants to comeback from sri darbar sahib.please make a correction in the particular of gurbani wrote by various gurus 5th guru's name is not written in the file.3rd guru's name is twice.5th guru's name guru arjun dev,wrote more gurbani than all. thanking u satinder singh meet
29 January 2005 - canada

Response from Amritsar Admin:   Derar Satinder Singh Veerjee, Thank you for your comments which we agree with. We have corrected the oversight. Guru Arjan Dev Jee will always be acknowledged as the main contributor and the catalyst for bringing the Guru Granth Sahib to life. Regards

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