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Paramjit Singh Sodhi
Greetings to all fellow believers of the Guru Granth Sahib
4 December 2005 - Delhi

I've seen the film "bride and prejudice" and i'm now fond of indian music and history. I would like to go to amritsar but i'm a bit afraid.
1 December 2005 - France

Ravunder kaur sidhu
Reading Hukamnama from Amritasr Darbar Sahib going on internet everyday is a god given gift to Sikhs.I am greatful to God.
30 November 2005 - Southall Middlesex U.K

I like that even if we are away from our country we can see what is going on in our destination.
30 November 2005 - california

Balvindar Singh
With due respect i would like to convey the message of togetherness. Wahey Guruji Ka Khalsa Wahry Guruji Ke Fateh.
29 November 2005 - Kuwait

Balwinder Kaur Ashta
I like this web site very much.
I was born in a sikh family.
As I live in Canary Island, there are only 3 sikh families & 1 Gurdwara in a private house.
I would like to learn more & more about sikhism.
Its very fantastic & informing web site. Keep it on.

Balwinder Kaur Ashta
27 November 2005 - Canary Island SPAIN

Raj Singh Ashta
I am proud to be born in a Sikh Family.
One friend told me about this web site. Itīs fantastic. We can show & teach to our children about sikhism. We can listen shabad & kirtens. This web site is realy a mile stone for sikh religion.
27 November 2005 - Canary Island (SPAIN)

Vikas Jain
I m very very lucky that i m born in Amritsar.And today i m very happy to visit the site I request all the people around the world to visit amritsar. Thanks
27 November 2005 - India

Your website is really good.
We love Amritsar! Bye
27 November 2005

I visited this site for the first time and found it very informative and full of all relevant details need to know as a tourist.Wish i could visit Golden temple and see my dear ones in this city of charm and immense attraction.Wish Indopak leaders can learn the listen of friendship and remove the diplomatic hurdles on Visa process.I am your friend from a neighbour but toooooooo faaaar pakistan.
25 November 2005 - Kabul..Afghanistan

salman basra
sat sri akal .i have visted this site it is really fantastic.i am a pakistani and have interest in sikhisism i lie this site very much .i want more information about sikhism.
25 November 2005 - pakistan

JJ and Manny D.
Me and my sister went to Amritsar this year and we really enjoyed it. Hope you enjoy it too!!! JJ and Manny D.
25 November 2005

Navrita Lottay
Satsriakal to all!
i think this web is the best, it really reminds us over and time again of our culture, and not only this but, it unites us closely with the latest happenings in amritsar and our fellow sikhs. Thank u, rab rakha!!!!
23 November 2005 - london, uk

Balvindar Harbhajan Singh
Through Amritsar Portal Guest Book i can convey message to all the sikh community.
21 November 2005 - Kuwait

21 November 2005 - derby

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