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The best place on earth is Amritsar. So calm, so peaceful. Above all Its blessed with SHRI DARBAR SAHIB. I miss to be there
4 May 2006 - Sydney

Jaskiran Kaur
hi, i just wanna say that i think this website is very important in making others understand us. waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fatte.
2 May 2006 - Leicester, UK

Damanjeet SIngh
Sat Sri Akal. Ki haal hai sabna daa. Main parmatma kolon sab di rakhya mangda. Pawan pawitar asthan Sri Darbar Sahib age ardass hai ki "Waheguru" sab daa bhala karne.Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
2 May 2006 - USA

Rajinder Singh Sandhu
Living in AMerica my heart still belongs to Amritsar. Thanks for keeping me in touch to my birthplace.
29 April 2006 - Lodi, California

Anmol Singh Bhuller
Waheguru-Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru-Ji Ke Fateh!

Very well planned and commendable website covering various facets of Sikhism in an elegant manner. Thanks for your efforts in pooling together the valuable information and sharing with all of us. God Bless!!
Daily Hukamnama and live Kirtan from Darbar Sahib is a boon for all Sikhs across the world and definitely a means to keep them close to their roots. Keep up the good work!!
29 April 2006 - Glasgow, UK

Parveen Kaur Sarana
I think ur site rockx!!!!
I learn alot everytime i come on it.
22 April 2006 - Surrey B.C CANADA

21 April 2006 - SEATTLE ,WA USA

Balvindar Singh
I am really very happy to read about the details given regarding A-Z World religions which really makes us aware of all the world religions prevailing in this Global world. Keep it up. Good piece of work.
21 April 2006 - Kuwait

Harpreet Singh
Your site is nice i like it.

19 April 2006 - Canada

jaspal singh virdi
waheguruji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh .i would like to thank you for this endeavour where one can go listen to the recital of the holy guru granth shahib
18 April 2006 - Birmingham united kingdom

Sikander Singh Randhawa
Dear friends, I miss u all and hope 2 c u soon at Amritsar
14 April 2006 - California, USA

Happy Vaisakhi!

"O Lord, of Thee this boon I ask,
That I never shun a righteous deed.
Let me be fearless when I go into battle,
Give me faith that victory will be mine.
Let one directive guide my mind,
That I may ever sing Thy praise,
And when comes the time to end my life,
I should die heroically fighting on the Battle field."

Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

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14 April 2006 - Solihull UK

Mahindra B Tiwwari
Thank you very much , it gave me valuable information on Sikhisim though two of my Childhood friends are Sikhs in Mumbai.
13 April 2006 - Abudhabi

jaspreet singhj
13 April 2006 - australia

Jasvinder Singh
Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh
It is really a great site , every time I visit this site I feel like being in Golden Temple . keep up the good work
11 April 2006 - Delhi

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