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Jasvinder Singh
Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh
This is the best site on web I have ever seen because of my busy schedule I am unable to watch broadcast from Darbar Sahib howerer this site gives me chance to listen to gurbani 24 hours
Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh
14 March 2006 - new delhi

I'm looking forward to visit this beautiful place soon. I've two questions: Do I need any governmental permission to visit Amritsar and can somebody recommend low budget Hotel (max. USD 30.-- / per Night) in Amritsar? Thanks in advance.
12 March 2006 - Zurich, Switzerland

I feel the real development and freedom through spirituality when I find this.
7 March 2006 - jamnagar (gujarat)

satnaam kaur
i think that some gianis dont realise the oppertunities of singing in darbar sahib means. i was a very big acheivement for my dad when he went for his duties in february.
3 March 2006 - england

taranmeet singh
i am living in amritsar and i would like to say that this site has made me proud to be a ambarsaria
3 March 2006 - amritsar

Kuldeep Singh
This is a fantastic site and all very relevant to today's Sikhs. However there is a serious ommission with regards to shaheedhi. There should more emphasis on this. In particular Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhidranwale shaheedhi is not discussed at all. WHY NOT? We should not forget the contribution made by Sant Jarnail Singh Ji.
2 March 2006 - uk

Response from Amritsar Admin:   Thank you Kuldeep but may we suggest - why not take the initiative yourself and start a discussion by clicking on Amritsar Discussion Forum

Hi i am sahi kapoor :i love golden temple u know why i love it because i live there its is so beautifulli love it its one of my fav place i will live @die there iam so lucky that i live AMRITSAR.
1 March 2006 - amritsar

Very interesting site ! Good work ! Congratulations :)
1 March 2006 - United States

Amrit Kaur
Sat Sri Akal,
I would just like to say I am pleased with this site. I was able to listen to my Father singing kirtan in harmander sahib live even though I was unable to be there to see him in action! It was great! But it would have been even better if I could see him singing live too!
God Bless
Amrit Kaur
26 February 2006 - London, England


Sat Shri Akal
I like this's a great achivement.we listen gurbani live from amritsar.
26 February 2006 - montreal,canada

hello, Sath sr akaal. wahe guru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki futeh
25 February 2006 - uk

Live kirtan from Amritsar makes me feel close to home. Kindly put more baani on the site so that we could listen to it all the time. It will be great if you can also provide the live telecast of the baani from the Harminder Sahib all the time on this website. An option of charity/donations too can be provided on the website, the money can be used for the poor of India. The map of Amritsar should be more elaborate.
Overall a lovely website. Congratulations!
23 February 2006 - FRANCE

Response from Amritsar Admin:   Thank you for your feedback - we will endeavour to expand Amritsar Portal but because of our limited voluntary resources, it will take time.

k. millard
very good website, great information as research for teaching r.e. lessons.
22 February 2006 - Wolverhampton

Mehima Singh
Good work.Missing information about nankana sahib.
22 February 2006 - Sweden

aman k gill
this really is a wonderful website. I really enjoy reading and listening to it. I myself learned alot because I grew up here in the usa and execellent for my kids to learn about our culture
21 February 2006 - usa

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