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How do you uplift your spirit, wash away all sorrow, pain and hurt, bring peace, harmony and tranquility to your soul......Listen to ambrosia nectar...Spiritual Bliss
14 October 2005 - admin

Satnam Singh
Sat Sri Akal to you all. I am very happy to see this webmaster has done very unique job to let every one in the whole world can listen Gurbani, Hukamnama.
14 October 2005 - Canada

Binder K Mandur
Gur Fateh to every one. I am very pleased with this site as you can listen SHABAD, Hukamnama every day while we are working. My best wish are with every one esepecialy with webmaster!
14 October 2005 - Canada

Harpreet Kaur Malhi
Hello My name is hapreet and i live in a usa but i am from punjab from sultanpur and i am very happy that i can see my inida live in computer i think taht now i am in india
13 October 2005 - United state of america

surinder chahal
sat shri akall, to all the reader, this is the best site i ever see in my life,i can now listen daily hukmnama, and gurbani anytime anywhere. my best wishes are always with the entire team of this website, keep it up . many....thx
11 October 2005 - ireland

Harpreet Singh Dhillon
Sat Sri Akal dosto!!
ki haal hai sab da.....
bahut hi wadhia site laggi mainu....Content of the site is really nice. Its a right step in right direction at right time when every sikh family is forgetting about their rich culture and the teachings of the gurus..
We should really be proud to be sikhs..
28 September 2005 - IIT Guwahati

Capt. Baldiv Singh Aujla
Excellent site! it has allowed me to listen to Kritan, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Thank you,
Waheguru-Ji Ka Khalsa,
Waheguru-Ji Ke Fateh!
24 September 2005 - SINGAPORE

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would just like to say, that I am impressed by the content of this website. I have learnt alot about Sikhism, as a whole, in an easy but understandable manner. I adore the shabads and the videos taken at the Gurdwara, gives me great pride to be Sikh and brings the history of Sikhism to my home. Well done, I have informed people of this website, and they have all been impressed by the layout and the facts exsisiting in this account.
With kind regards
Age 17
20 September 2005 - England

Response from Amritsar Admin:   Dear Simran, you are our future so when the youth of today takes pride in our community, culture and religion, we know that Sikhism will continue to grow strong and flourish....thank you.

Mrs Manpreet Kaur Saini
This site is a blessing for those who are settled abroad and miss their culture.
My day begins and ends with the path & shabads on this site.
Please accept my sincere thanks.
19 September 2005 - Sydney, Australia

amritsar temple gives peace to mind
14 September 2005 - canada

Louise Routledge
Hello from Australia
I am returning to my beloved India in November this year, this time to Amritsar and I'm very excited. I have a very beautiful friend, his name is Gurmatpal and he is the most peaceful, forgiving, generous, gentle man it has ever been my privledge to ever know. He assures me I will be overwhelmed by Amritsar and his people and if they are anything like him then it will be the most amazing experience of my life. I look forward to personal time to reflect on my life while absorbing the serenity of the Golden Temple, I also relish in the thought of being a part of all the colour and music that is the Sikh way of life. To anyone travelling to anywhere in India it has been my experience that if you 'embrace' it, it will embrace you back and you will leave a better person.
13 September 2005 - AUSTRALIA

Sukhpreet Muhar
We went to India after a long gap of 6 years. Amritsar has changed a lot. I wouldn't say everything has changed for the good. There's more pollution, more vehicles on the roads, more dirt, more power cuts than ever before. On the good side, some new malls have come up, lots of trendy places have opened up and you can now get everything you want. But the biggest change I felt was in the people, maybe it's just me but we did not find the people that friendly anymore. Maybe it's the new age where everyone is more materialistic now. The love, sincerity and hospitality that we are Amritsarias are proud of and known for was missing. People now don't have the time to visit each other, it's not like before when you could go unannounced to your friends homes and would still feel welcome. Now you have to make phone calls, set up a time and then meet. I don't know if it's good or bad but I would still like the life to be old way. I am certainly not looking forward to my next visit to India.
11 September 2005 - Canada

Jagdish Singh Arora
I congratulate you for making this site.
This is really every Punjabi is looking for. I am really grateful for giving us the culture in the shape of this site. Really proud of your thinking.
26 August 2005 - Osaka Japan

Amritpal Singh-Bargri
May God continue to bless you and your team for undertaking to complete such sewa.
24 August 2005 - Melbourne, Australia

Tim Flowers
23 August 2005 - NEW JERSEY

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