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Sukhwinder kaur
Sat Shri Akal,
I believe that this portal is a very good attempt to link people from all over the world to this holy city, especially Harmandir Sahib(Live Kirtan). The live Kirtan makes u feel as if u r sitting right there.
3 July 2004 - Toronto, Canada

Response from Amritsar Admin:   I agree with you that Live Kirtan is mostly used by people outside of India. I wish we could set up a more reliable and robust link but alas, the factors for these are outside our control. The original source of the signal is Sri Harmandir Sahib and the set up there is shall we say, very fragile. When the connection or transmission goes, there is little we can do but hope and pray that they can correct it.

It is most unsatisfactory but despite all our pressure and emails to the Committee, they feel their priorities should be elsewhere. We are based in the UK and at some point we will create a live link to one of the main gurdwaras here but this is a significant cost and I am not sure this would be as popular as the link from Amritsar.

Anyway, thank you for your patience and support.

Sat Siri Akal ji.

Wahwguru ji bless you Amritsar Admin for setting up this site and providing us the oppurtunity to listen to live Shabad Kirtan from our Darbar Sahib. I was born and brought up in Amritsar and miss my city a lot. I was always in search of a site that would let us listen to the live kirtan from Darbar Sahib - lot of them had links but they never worked. I stumbled upon this website yesterday, and the link for the kirtan REALLY worked. I am sooo happy and thanks for linking me to my home.
Thanks again and keep up the excellent work.
16 June 2004 - usa

10 June 2004 - Toronto,Canada

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fathe, i,m so happy to be in amritsar portal guest book .u guys r doing a wonderfull job. keep it up . sat siri akal...
28 May 2004 - usa

Rupinderjit singh gill (Rinku)
Today i am a guest amritsar , but i was never.i am born in amritsar and had spend the glorious moments of my life their. that lawrance rd, khalsa college , university. hanging with guys fun ,and above all my sach khand sri Harmindar sahib. the young age i spend in amritsar i could never forget. it is the biggest truth that even after 5 years in canada my heart is still in amritsar. even after marriage and having a beautiful baby boy (jagteswar singh gill) i am not canadian. i am still ambersaria, thats the reason i send my only child to amritsar at the age of 8 months to his grandmaa, so that he could also feel the glory of the warmth of amritsar . i feel very happy to see him thru my web cam sitting beside surjit chicken house @lawrance rd, going to novelty chownk , company baag etc. i cant forget the time i use to hang around with my friends in basant ave. market .the shop of happy their .channa ahop etc. running bikes, scooters, annaul kirtan darbar , prabhat feeries at gurupurab , i think my messeage would be as long as my life it will take 30 years to write about amtitsar couse all those moments r right in front of me. at the end i would like to say hi to all my ambersarias and thanks to the guys who had made such a beautiful website. sat sri akal to all of u . saade amritsar nu kisse di nazar na laage and jonty my son i love u . mom love u. bye bye.
25 May 2004 - Canada (toronto)

Response from Amritsar Admin:   Thank you Rupinderjit for sharing your wonderful memories with us, of growing up and living in Amritsar. They are so vivid - I can just hear the hustle and bustle of the city life! I have taken the liberty of putting your message on Amritsar Forum
where community members can talk about visiting. living and working within the Golden City of Amritsar.
Kind regards, Divender

Bikram Dev Singh
Wahe Guru ji Ka Khalsa wahe guru ji ki fate. This site has filled a void and is a great source of information on Sikhism. Now people across the world can excess this info and be informed of our great religion. An excellent job done by the creators. Keep it up.
24 May 2004 - Chandigarh, India.

Manjit Kaur Sanghera
Congratulations on setting up this informative site. It will help me to learn more about my Sikh religion - I enjoy listening to the relaxing shabads, kirtan
24 May 2004 - Brisbane, Australia

kamaljit sodhi
wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fathe. I'm overwhelmed with your web site. keep it up.
11 May 2004 - Wolverhampton UK

Namastey ji,SatshriAkaal and Hello to All.Amritsar is a great city and I am really delighted to visit this site.I find pleasure to greet u on ur wonderful efforts.Amritsar city has a long history and I feel proud to be a part of this city.Though now I am in Canada but my soul is in the streets of Amritsar.The variety of tastes and warmth of hearts which is in ASR is Unique in itself.This place has some thing special thats why it is the home for The Holy Guru Granth Sahib.Even our elders say that The Holy Ramayana was also written in Amritsar(Ramtirath).I wish you all the success in your efforts and let us all pray to Allmighty that Amritsar remains a city full of love and joy and the best place to live for all the peace living people.
2 May 2004 - Canada

Response from Amritsar Admin:   SSA, We are most touched by your feedback. When we receive support like yours, it makes all our efforts worthwhile and encourages us to develop Amritsar Portal to even greater heights. Thank you.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh i m sikh male from UK but Mumbai based(G.T.B nager Sion) i m very happy that u r providing this kind of facility 2 enhance our great religion which is very good n i find my self very luckly 2 b a member of this pure virtual site which will keep me update regardin all the details whts happening in Harminder Sahib i guess Sa shriakal waheguru ji ka kahlsa waheguru ji ki fatehWaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa!! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!

Sat Sri Akaal!
30 April 2004 - Mumbai

19 April 2004 - MALAYSIA

Response from Amritsar Admin:   Thank you sir - it is an honour to serve our community and comments like yours is the only reward we seek. Regards

Sukhpreet Muhar
This site is getting better and better. Keep up the good work. Finally the snow has started clearing up here in Toronto.
I believe it's getting hot in our dear city Amritsar.
Is it possible for you guys to put up the daily High and Low temperatures of the city on your site.
29 March 2004 - Canada

Response from Amritsar Admin:   Hi Sukhpreet, It is still raining here in the UK but the cherry blossom is out. There are daily High and Low temperatures for Amritsar and other cities on our weather section - have a look at Amritsar Weather. Cheers Divender

Regards to all of you.
AMRITSAR is the city of my grandfather from where they migrated to Faisalabad (then LYALLPUR) PAKISTAN in 1947. My father was 10 year old at that time. They used to live in BOOLEY WALI GALI, BAZAR ABDULLAH KHAN, near MOONI CHOWK, inside GARWALI GATE and CHATIWIND GATE.
My grand father who is dead now used to talk a lot about AMRITSAR, his city of birth. My father has also have some vivid memories of his childhood in AMRITSAR. I grew amid listening all about AMRITSAR. I really very happy finding this site, and to enjoy visiting it again and again. I hope that in very near future I shall visit AMRITSAR along with my father and a few other elders of my family. They are also very exicted in anticipation to visit there birth place.
I request through this forum that can some one in AMRITSAR guide us to that place and other places of intrest in the city.
This is really a quality website and my sincere thanks to the administration to provide me this chance to fulfill my dreams.
Thanks and regards to all of you.
28 March 2004 - FAISALABAD. (PAKISTAN)

Response from Amritsar Admin:   Thank you for your kind words - like you, many of us have wonderful memories of what I would call the "Eternal City". Have a look at the Amritsar City section for attractions to see and no doubt some of the local residents will respond to your request for a list of other places of interest to see. Regards

ramandeep singh sandhu
sat sri akal to all of u. and be good in your life to peoples
20 March 2004 - berlin, germany

its a perfect site
16 March 2004 - punjab

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