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I want to know about the sikhism
11 February 2011 - indian

Waheguru da simran is the only thing that can bring peace to our soul and help us go through everyday problem in life.
11 February 2011 - Florida, USA

How andwhat to see in Amritsar
9 February 2011 - Amritsar

jasjeet singh ahluwalia
a message to all the sikhs :
firstly become a good human being than only the God will bless u.
one should not only read bani but also follow the ways our gurus used to do.
a sikh is a learner and one should always learn from the past and use in the future
5 February 2011

gurinderdeep singh
amritsar is the holy place
5 February 2011 - patiala

Meena Sarkar
I need accomodation at Golden Temple Saheb for March 26 & 27 for 9 ppl. Can you please advise availability and charges
1 February 2011 - New Delhi

Good informative web site. I believe in all religions. I am going to see the Great Golden temple soon.
25 January 2011 - Mumbai

its great honour to be a sikh.waheguru g ka khalsa waheguru g ki fateh
20 January 2011 - Haryana

Pritam Kaur
I like to know more about my religion
20 January 2011 - london

Eric Lindenberg
This is a resubmission of a message I sent some time ago. I am hoping that it might elicit a response from someone who knew my former friend Vijay Singh Bawa or his family, especially his wife Sonia.

I had a very close personal friend, Vijay Singh Bawa, who died in 1983. Vijay was originally from Amritsar and I believe his family still resides there. At the time of his death, Vijay was Professor of Finance at the University of Texas in the USA. I was Vijay's colleague at an earlier stage in his career at Bell Laboratories. Vijay and his wife Sonia were very close to my wife Donna and myself. After Vijay died, we spoke to Sonia but lost contact with her afterwards.

I am trying to contact Vijay's family with greetings and especially Sonia, who I understand has returned to India. If someone can locate Vijay's family for me (address) and provide some information about where Sonia might be, I would be very grateful.

Thank you
5 January 2011 - Marlboro NJ USA

S. Thevarayan
Great website. Keep up with your good work. God Bless all of you
4 January 2011 - Malaysia

Sardul Singh
Happy new year
29 December 2010

Sardul Singh Tampa Fl.
Happy new year to every one
29 December 2010

i want to book sarai 4 days
22 December 2010 - india

i want sarai booking for 4 days
22 December 2010 - india

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